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  1. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    To use an XML-file is a great idea, because there are some editors with included synthax-highlightning (like 'Notepadd++'). With this editors everyone is able to read and edit the XML-file easily. You are so great, you are so wonderbra DALI
  2. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    @Syntax 13 I mean the category-function with more than one program. And for each program more than one command-lines... Your answer don´t work... Thank you for your help... @Benjamin Another way is maybe to change the category-command like <Viewersoftware> [Acrobat Reader] description.1=blabla description.2=blabla2 command.1=command-line 1 command.2=command-line 2 command.3=command-line 3 [Irfanview] description.1=blabla command.1=command-line 1 command.2=command-line 2 Another way is maybe the answer of Nendur... Please help us... Is there no way?
  3. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    More command-lines exists in previous versions, it´s not a new feature. But I miss this option in the categories... More description-lines... OK. But to complex? I don't think so... else I agree...
  4. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    Hi Benjamin! Great work! I have a command.x suggestion to your latest 2.0 beta... Is it possible to put again more command-lines in each process, like in previous versions? Sorry, but is it also possible to put more description-lines??? It would be very cool! For example: [Additional Software] description.0.0=description-line 1 description.0.1=description-line 2 command.0.0=command-line 1 command.0.1=command-line 2 description.1=description-line 1 command.1.0=command-line 1 command.1.1=command-line 2 command.1.2=command-line 3 Thank you for this cool program! Bye, Dali