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  1. $OEM$\$1 doesnt install

    Thanks! so easy and so stupid. sorry
  2. $OEM$\$1 doesnt install

    Hi everybody, first time for me. I ask for your help to understand why my nlited version of xp(with sp2 and hotfixes) doesnt install the programs inserted in the $oem$\$1\install directory. I can see the window of runonceex starting but then every time the arrow go for a program it says that it cant find h:\install\progname (where h is the driver where i install windows). moreover also the $oem$\$$\system32\cmdow.exe is not copyed. Someone can help me? here is my runonceex.cmd file cmdow @ /HID @echo off SET KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %KEY% /V TITLE /D "Installazione Programmi" /f REG ADD %KEY%\005 /VE /D ".NET Framework 1.1" /f REG ADD %KEY%\005 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\framework\dotnetfx.exe" /f REG ADD %KEY%\053 /VE /D ".NET Framework 1.1 SP1" /f REG ADD %KEY%\053 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\framework\KB867460.exe" /f REG ADD %KEY%\048 /VE /D "Alcatel Speed Touch USB Modem" /f REG ADD %KEY%\048 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\Speedtouch\Speedtouch /s" /f REG ADD %KEY%\048 /V 2 /D "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Speedtouch\Setup.exe /S -f1\"%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Speedtouch\setup.iss\" -f2\"%systemdrive%\Alcatel.log\"" /f REG ADD %KEY%\053 /VE /D "Media Player 10" /f REG ADD %KEY%\053 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\mediaplayer\mp10setup.exe" /f exit thank you in advance
  3. Localized Hotfix Lists

    Et voilà! That means: it's done! The xpcthlst updated, tested and working (well ... almost working) is done. New errors discovered and fixed and some old light mistakes not discovered nor fixed Anyway it works fine I think. The problems are: 1: Kb831167, kb839643 and WinMovie maker2 even if in the list needs to be reinstalled via Windows update. The installation of WIN XP is interrupted due to a strange window telling which are the right switches to give to one of the hotfixes, unfortunately I cannot understand which one. Hope it's usefull Ciao XPCTHLST.TXT
  4. Localized Hotfix Lists

    Here it is: 1) Problem in downloading Spack 1a XPcreate Window: -- 21.26.33 --> Looking for CD Source. -- 21.26.33 --> Trying to extract the Boot Image. -- 21.26.34 --> Setting up Run-Time Variables. -- 21.26.34 --> Listing Hotfixes and Updates. -- 21.26.34 --> Removing Previous Creation Directories. -- 21.26.34 --> Removing TEMP Files. -- 21.26.34 --> Creating TEMP directories. -- 21.26.34 --> Determine Source Version. -- 21.26.34 --> Found Source Version: XPP -- 21.26.34 --> Found Minor Version: 1 -- 21.26.34 --> Found Service Pack Version: 1 -- 21.26.34 --> Found Language Version: ITA -- 21.26.34 --> Found Localization Version: Italiano -- 21.26.34 --> Hotfix Directory used: SP2 -- 21.26.34 --> Downloading Hotfix List. -- 21.26.37 --> Source not up to date. Need Service Pack. -- 21.26.37 --> Cannot find SP 1a. -- 21.26.37 --> Downloading Service Pack. ....then the downloader starts and nothing happen Log file:(too long. added as a file) XPCREATE.LOG
  5. Localized Hotfix Lists

    Ok Vel Straty. I really appreciated your help. Unfortunately it doesn't work again. Even with the new parameters it says the same thing in the xpcreate window, the downloader start and ... nothing happen.
  6. Localized Hotfix Lists

    Thanks vel straty! how did you do that?Is it needed even if I already have the sp 1a Cd version? Now I'm experiencing some problem with the phase "merging hotfixes". I think it's not working since on the Xpcreate window it stops for hours(really tested for 4 hours).
  7. Localized Hotfix Lists

    Sorry here is the list XPCTHLST.TXT
  8. Localized Hotfix Lists

    Hello here is the updated ver of the Italian XP list with the new KB823353 - 840315 - 8427773 - 841873 - 839645. I have a problem with the service pack download: I own an SP1a Xp CD and I don't know how to add in the [OSINFO] of the XPCTHLIST.txt the information about CURSPVER= (maybe 1a ?) CURSPURL= CURSPMD5= CURSPPATH= So when I start the XPcreate.cmd the downloader hangs trying to download the service pack. The MSDOS windows says: --12.17.49 --> Found source version: XPP --12.17.49 --> Found minor version: 1 --12.17.49 --> Found language version: ITA --12.17.49 --> Found localization version: Italiano --12.17.49 --> Hotfix Directory used:SP2 --12.17.49 --> Downloading Hotfix list. --12.17.51 --> Source not up to date. Need service Pack. --12.17.51 --> Cannot find SP 1a. --12.17.51 --> Downloadin Service Pack. the iopus file downloader window start but nothing happen for minutes. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Localized Hotfix Lists

    Latest news from Italian file list. I found some bugs in the last version (the dx9 update must be extracted from the RAR to exe file) Moreover two or three updates are missing. I fixed the bugs(i hope) and added the missing hotfixes and going to test it. I'm preparing the updated list but I have a problem. I discovered that my XPCTHLST.TXT has been deleted from the xpcreate directory where I putted it. Do you know why? I think it's due to the fact that in the ini file of XPcreate one of the voice says to delete the rute(or something like that)is it possible? How can I solve the problem so that I can actually delete all the useless files (temp dir, SVC dir, ISO and so on)but leave xpcthlst.txt for further use? Last question is there a way to found the deleted list file?I used a recovery tool but with no results, how is it possible? Grazie e Ciao
  10. Localized Hotfix Lists

    Ok here we go. Sorry for some bad mistake in sending messages. Anyway the bug of the strange MS message has been resolved just need to change the directory where I putted two files from hf1 to hf2. So here it is the updated list with also the download links... Hope it's all right. XPCTHLST.TXT
  11. Localized Hotfix Lists

    I was sure of that! Of course the file windows update.txt dosent exist in my windows directory nor in my whole hard disk!!! Anyway I have all the hotfixes downloade maybe they can be usefull as well. By the way while writing I'm trying to creaye the Cd but I get this errors: Aggiornamento di Windows Media : Errore di Sintassi nell'opzione della riga di comando. digitare Comando /? per la guida Aggiornamento di windows media 828026:
  12. Localized Hotfix Lists

    Ok something more done. I realized the list file for my Italian version. the problem is that I don't know how to replace the "downloadlinkhere" with an internet site. I mean when I download a hotfix the MS site only has a button. When I point the mouse over it there is no way to understand the real path of the file. Moreover in the saving box the path and name of the hotfix is too long to appear completely so there are just some dots and the last few letters of the file name. Any help? Anyway maybe the file posted is enough XPCTHLST.TXT
  13. Localized Hotfix Lists

    Thanks Vel straty. I didi it and now I have a lot of hotfixes downloaded. If I've understood well they should be downloaded in the proper directoryes (the SVC-* dir created by xpcreate). But how can I recognize them? The hotfixes all end up with a .EXE extension! Sorry, maybe this are really stupid questions but I hope u can understand me. Everyone has been a beguinner. Anyway this is the list of updates I have found: WMP9_MM2_ENU.exe WindowsXP-KB840374-x86-ITA.EXE WindowsXP-KB839643-x86-ITA.EXE WindowsXP-KB837001-x86-ITA.EXE WindowsXP-KB835732-x86-ITA.EXE WindowsXP-KB833998-x86-ITA.EXE WindowsXP-KB828741-x86-ITA.EXE WindowsXP-KB828035-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB826942-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB826939-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB825119-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB824141-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB824105-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB823182-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB822603-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB821253-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB820291-x86-ITA.exe WindowsXP-KB817778-x86-ITA.exe WindowsMedia-Q828026-x86-ITA.exe WindowsMedia-KB828026-x86-ITA.exe WindowsMedia64-KB832353-x86-ITA.exe WindowsMedia9-KB837272-x86-ITA.exe WindowsMedia9-KB819639-x86-ITA.exe WindowsMedia8-KB817787-x86-ITA.exe Windows-KB870669-x86-ENU.exe Q832894.exe Q831167.exe Q819696_WXP_SP2_x86_ITA.exe Q814995_WXP_SP2_x86_ITA.exe Q327979_WXP_SP2_x86_ITA.exe Q322011_WXP_SP2_x86_ITA.exe KB839643-x86-ITA OE6.0sp1-KB837009-x86-ITA.exe js56nit.exe ITA_Q832483_MDAC_x86.EXE HMTCDWizard_ITA.exe
  14. Localized Hotfix Lists