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  1. I can help with brazilian portuguese (it´ll probably work for portuguese portuguese as well).
  2. How can i install the latest daemon silently?
  3. I discovered what was the unattend.cmd in case someone has the same problem It was caused because of the easy install option on vmware 6.5, to circunvent it you just need to select i´ll install windows later. Anyway, the default theme changed now after boot, but i still can´t add two themes at once. The only one that appears is the one set to default as "my theme (nL)". Does anybody know why?
  4. After windows is installed and booting for the first time, an error message appear saying ...temp/unattend.cmd was not found. I´ve noticed that it appear whenever i add themes. Is this cmd necessary? By the way i´m not being able to add more than one theme at once. If i add a theme and don´t select it as default when windows is installed, neither one is found on the control panel, but if i add a theme as the default one, that one appears on the control panel as my theme(nL) and the other doesn´t. And even if i add either as default, windows start with the normal blue one. I can only suppose it is because of the cmd, i just don´t know what to do. Help anybody?
  5. Mort


    Hello people. I´m From Brazil, Age: 21. I´ve found this forum while searching for nlite help and tutorials, but it has so much more. Great forum.

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