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  1. I am not sure what I am looking at. I don't have a problem with the NIC driver. This installs when the [GuiRunOnce] line executes the start.cmd in the winnt.sif. The IE6 installs at the end of the XP installation routine, probably because it is part of the overall XP install. The issue is whether there is a way to have the start.cmd execute when the IE6 has finished because as my configuration stands, the NIC driver is installed while IE6 is also installing or if you like while the last part of XP installs.
  2. The Start.cmd is simply a routine instigated in the winnt.sif ([GuiRunOnce]) to go to the Install/network folder and execute the setup.exe for the NIC driver. This driver seems not to be available in OEM format and won't install if included in the OEMdrivers path in the winnt.sif. The IE6 installs at the end of the XP installation routine. This happens whether or not the start.cmd is in the winnt.sif. The IE6 install is not an issue; it is the timing of the IE6 or the start.cmd routine that is a problem. As I said before it actually does not make any difference to the end result because the
  3. Hi I have made an XP_SP3 bootable disk using various methods including some from the recommendations on this site. I created an OEM Dell XP_SP3 bootable which works fine. I am creating several of these install disks to suite various models and I was missing an OEM driver which was not available, so I created a start.cmd batch file to execute the setup.exe for the required driver (network for Dell Dimension 8300). The install goes fine, however in course of the final stages IE6 is loaded. This is clumsey because the start.cmd does not wait until it is loaded before it executes its instructions.
  4. Hi all who was involved with this post. I am reselling various main stream used computers. These computers are off lease units and come with the COA and the HD is a blank canvass waiting for me to re-install the OS. Today I wanted to make a new OEM DELL Optimplex xp home disk. I took an original MS OEM xp SP1 home edition CD and copied all files to a local folder. I then stripped out the unecessary folders and added the following: winnt.inf and svcpack.inf together with a folder SVCPACK in which I placed a number of further KB123456.exe updates. So far so good. I added $OEM$ and inside added
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