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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    What has your problem to do with this thread and why do you think, that I can help you? Since you neither have a RAID nor an AHCI system, you should have been able to get Windows MCE 2005 installed without slipstreaming any textmode driver. Furthermore none of your drives will be able to use the nForce SATA driver named NVGTS.SYS. Have you ever tried just to boot off your old and untouched hdd after having built your new nForce430 system? Although Intel and NVIDIA chipsets are different and need other drivers, it seems possible for me, that you would have been able to get your old MCE configuration running with your new mainboard. Yes that is what is so strange. The system will bluescreen during CD installation if I do not slipstream the nvgts driver (or do the F6 trick). But, it will bluescreen after the first reboot if I do it either way after I load the nvgts driver. I know things are working pretty well, because if I try a blank SATA drive I call fully load the MCE 2005 with no problems. But, of course, I lose all the users information that way and have to reload all my applications. So I am at a loss why the system will bluescreen with the reload option but not bluescreen when I load it with a new copy. -- Guy
  2. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hello Fernando I have not read all of the 85 pages of this forum but I have read quite a bit. Hopefully you can help me a little bit. I have nlite which I think is the latest version. I am trying to build a slipstream version of MCE 2005 for an nforce 430 based motherboard. I am using a PATA 300 GB HD and a PATA DVD drive for my drive configuration. The disk drive came from an Intel based system that has been use for over 5 years (although this drive was new a year ago and I was successful a year ago in moving all my data from an older drive to this drive). So I already have MCE 2005 on this disk with user configurations for 4 users on the disk. The old Intel based system has failed so I bought the new nforce 430 based system to replace the Intel system. So I have a slipstreamed version of MCE 2005 with the nvgts driver and I can successfully load MCE 2005 on this system. But, I wish to keep my user configurations and applications on the disk so I tell the the MCE to reload the system instead of creating a new system. This should be no different than creating a new system with the slipstreamed disk. But, every time I do the first reboot after the CD install, the system BSODs. Obviously there is a difference between a reload and a new setup, but I would have thought that having the nvgts in the slipstream CD would take care of either case. Any thoughts? -- Guy Noir