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  1. If you think that Floppy disk drive adds a lot of boot time, imagine my booting up and it searches both my 8" fdds, 1 5-1/4" fdd, 1 3-1/2" fdd, a tape drive, a cd, a dvd, then network, and usb, lastly it checks the two hdds. If not for pci breadboarding it would not have the tape, or two 8" fdds. If not for assembly language tutorials the boot list would be a bit shorter also. But that was getting a bit off topic. I just found one more reason for why I still use Win9x, as it ages viruses will be made less often for it as there will be less of a userbase making it a waste of time to develop a virus for it.
  2. Well, the hard drive isn't exactly dead, but the firmware seems to have become corrupted, or something similar. First time it has happened to a Western Digital for me anyway. Funny how my Seagates from 25+ years ago still run perfectly. Other than that reason I also use Windows 98 because It is often better for running software that my XT can't handle, and my WinXP machine is too fast for.
  3. I still use Windows 98SE because my WinXP system's hdd, after 4.5 years of continuous running, died two days ago (same reason I'm using my IBM 300PL also).. and besides that I know many more ways to break windows 98 and also many more ways to fix it when it breaks. By the way, being that this is my first post, I feel it a great time to commend the message board and site for being an excellent resource.

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