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  1. Mr Jinje DISM Tool™

    Yes Cheers,i have done the disk now and applied what i needed,thanks for the help.
  2. Mr Jinje DISM Tool™

    In the past these were usually a case of mistaken image identity, one reader accidentally integrated his updates into image #1 not knowing that image #5 (#4 on x64) was actually the Ultimate he was looking for. Didn't miss anything, I mistakenly assumed everyone was familiar with the WIM image format and never posted the list.Here you go - These are the default images inside an untouched ISO - obviously vLite users who remove all images can disregard. they only have 1 image in their iso's x86 1 - Starter 2 - Home Basic 3 - Home Premium 4 - Professional 5 - Ultimate x64 1 - Home Basic 2 - Home Premium 3 - Professional 4 - Ultimate Hope that helps. I see,I didn't realise you had to do that I thought all the hotfixes etc where applied to all version.Do you just select which version with the drop down box,1-7.In my case x64 ultimate will be number 4
  3. Mr Jinje DISM Tool™

    OK thanks,I've managed to create a windows 7 disk with the hotfixes,got no errors wile creating it with Mr je jins dism tool,great program, only problem after i installed the disk i created, i ran windows update just to see if any updates i needed it listed 10 but 6 in the 10 listed i already had installed when i did the disk? Any suggestions.
  4. Mr Jinje DISM Tool™

    Thanks for the help i think i'm getting there,after i've added what i need etc do i still need to use vlite to build the image?Also i got this error.. error 87 dism doesnt recognize the command line option "7" is it something i should be worried about. Its ok worked out what the error was had spaces between the words,still not sure about the vlite.
  5. Mr Jinje DISM Tool™

    I must be an id***,or I'm loosing the plot,probably an id*** my daughter did call me one the other night.I've copied my windows 7 disk to the hardrive I've got all the hot-fixes that i want to install but haven't a clue how you use Mr Jinje Tool. When you say Click Mount Wim etc at a complete lose.Can someone give me a quick id*** guide on how you use this program cheers.
  6. help! windows 7 disc booting problem

    if i use mr-jinje-dism-tool do i need to use vlite at all or will mr-jinje-dism-tool do all i need to make a slipstream disk?.Thanks so far for your help.
  7. help! windows 7 disc booting problem

    I did use vlite for the updates ill try your suggestion thanks.Where can you download Mr.Jinje's DISM Tool.
  8. help! windows 7 disc booting problem

    I got exactly the same error after building a x64 all editions disk.On the disk the autounattend.xml file is there with the key.I read somewhere that you cant slipstream hot fixes into windows 7,is this correct.I've only just started trying to created a windows 7 slipstream disk so please excuse me if I'm missing something and sorry for hijacking the thread.What i did get wile building the image was an error that some files where missing image creation aborted,clicking on OK the image was still created.
  9. Hi, when I search for updates windows update finds all the updates including the dream scene packs,but when i search with Windows Updates Downloader it doesn't find the dream scene packs and the ad ons,also how do you clear the list so it searches again,also why does it list updates again that are already downloaded,a lot of questions i know, great program going to make a slip steam disk but need the above resolved first cheers for any help.