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  1. Hallo, with the BSY-bug, you must get the "LED:000000CC FAddr:0024A051" error-indication on the serial line. If not, there is something different to look for. Please check if the SATA-data cable is working and if there need to be the 150 MByte line speed to be set with the jumper. Did you remove it first? no I did not remove anything. I have added some new info into my post 1283, seems to me that a problem is somewhere else
  2. I searched the forum and found Aviko's post in which he recommended to someone with the 0 mins 00 secs format that they run "F,,22" and then "m0,6,2,0,0,0,0,22". I tried this but the drive is still not recognised by BIOS. So after repeating all procedure couple of times there is no result. Maybe there is another issue that BSY, but have no idea which way to go (drive is responding to terminal with/without removing PCB).
  3. Finally I managed to do the procedure but the end was not as described. After the first time the disk was still not recognised, spinning, but not read. I wet through the al process again including the optional part ((i4,1,22 command) but with the same outcome. At the end I do have a message Max Wr Retries ...etc. ending with 00C8, but the following message from teh manual has never appeared: User Partition Format complete, Zone 00 ..... etc. and I got next message User Partition Format Sucsessful - Elapsed Time 0 min 00 sec. (But some of the others were referring having the same message and it worked for them.) It is strange, 00s. Is not it? Something is missing. When I connect it through the USB I can see the drive as mass store device in device manager, but not in My Computer. In the Computer Management the drive is seen as Dynamic, but saying "Foreign" with yellow triangle. When connected normally, it is not seen in BIOS. Also some Seagate diagnostic test passed, some not (short drive self test failed, generic tests passed) Is there any chance for other steps? thank you for your opinion