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  1. Thanks Rich for the feedback. Glad it worked for you. Yes it would be great if you post the log, if you do not mind. Successful logs will clear some of the doubts for me. Regarding your suggestion, this could be developed later. Because this is like a bonus feature not an essential one. Regards I understand you want to get it more stable etc first, just thought i'd share my views seeing as it does exactly what I want, and it works, already I have attached my successful log. Thanks again, Rich log.txt
  2. Hi Blue, I've been using your tool very successfully. One thing I would really like is a command line interface so I can apply updates from a batch file, perhaps even specify a folder where update files are (this would be useful in the GUI too). Do you want logs from successful integrations? I am at work at the moment but can post logs later if you wish. Thanks, Rich
  3. Ignore me, I didn't realise that the app wouldn't be shown on the main page if the conditions weren't met. lovely stuff, Rich
  4. ok thanks. Are there any plans to expand on this? Rich
  5. I have done some searching but not found the answer I am looking for, I am a bit of a noob so bear with me Is there a way to have a different installer run for a 32 or 64 bit operating system. for example IF /i %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%==AMD64 cmds[pn]=['%CDROM%\\Apps\\\setup64.exe /qn']; ELSE cmds[pn]=['%CDROM%\\Apps\\setup.exe /qn']; is it even possible to put expressions round the installer parameters? or am I barking up the wrong tree? or are you supposed to split the config file into 2 parts, 1 for 32 bit and 1 for 64bit. I haven't found many examples of the use of the above expression. Cheers, Rich
  6. Media Center You'll never look back. Rich
  7. Is your structure like this \$OEM$\$$\RESOURCES\THEMES\CODEOPUSC\CODEOPUSC.MSSTYLES \$OEM$\$$\RESOURCES\THEMES\CODEOPUS.THEME Edit: You'll need a [unattended] OemFilesPath=.\$OEM$ in your winnt.sif Rich
  8. ok, I managed to do some testing on this. It works just fine for normal XP Pro, but reboots Media Center Edition 2005. No biggy, I don't plan to use that much, just more for your information.
  9. I think the problem may lay in the hard drive I was using. I noticed some corrupt files yesterday and things only got worse. The hard drive is now totally dead which had my vmware stuff on so I cant test it at the moment. I think this maybe the root of my problems though. Cheers
  10. @Ryan I know you are having problems with your Java5.0 rebooting (which worked perfectly for me thanks) but I downloaded your netfixsp1 earlier which reboots on my installs. edit: (using Runonce method)
  11. @ECHO OFF starts common.cmd (adds common RunOnceEx entries) If %computername%==Comp1 GOTO Computer1 If %computername%==Comp2 GOTO Computer2 :Computer1 starts Computer1.cmd (adds computer1 specfic RunOnceEx entries) Goto END :Install2 starts Computer2.cmd (adds computer2 specific RunOnceEx entries) GOTO End :END ECHO Done EXIT I am trying to use this method of having multiple runonceex.cmd although it seems troublesome. should :Install2 not be :Computer2? should the starts command in fact be just start? I am not sure as I am pretty new to all this I cannot seem to get a simple cmd file to run in windows which emulates the function of this setup either, for exampl having fake common.cmd, Computer1.cmd and Computer2.cmd files. any help will be much appreciated Cheers Rich
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