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  1. Hi firo I have just the same situation. I'm afraid we've got not only busy or LBA 0 problem. I think when the drive is locked it could be other issues. I couldn't find any commands for factory reset. And profi repair makes no guarantees and has quite a good cost.. It's cheaper to buy new HD =) I tried new firmware SD1A. Tried to repeat procedure with new syntax. Tried to flash back firmware AD14 etc. All the same. Drive looks FULLY functional. I can even see data by scanning utils. But something sucks ( So after all several days of fighting I'm restoring that huge data from different archives.. part to part.. And one thing I've found. I ran full disk erase in mhdd util (it's like low level format I think) and at some LBA near to 1/4 capacity it halts with severe error. Then I tried to issue format starting a bit after that place. And it's going quite well. Very speedy ) So if it's possible to skeep that place by partitioning the drive will stay in use with SD1A firmware for some trash, temps, swaps etc.
  2. One more detail -- I finally found there's no lag if I set IDE enhanced compatible mode in BIOS (ICH7) What can it be with SATA mode why it makes line busy and slow down system? Maybe there's a command to reset SATA?
  3. Hello and BIG thanks for this super helpfull and detailed topic! I've near successfully recovered my ST31000340AS by aviko algorithm (which has commands to issue if first try fails) So with nokia's cable CA-42, 2 wires Rx/Tx and 2xAA as 3v power all was made in second try. Got my HD visible in BIOS. Full size. But some BSY behavior remains -- system slow down loading when this drive is connected. And when it finally loads -- it visible empty and only in Disk Management Console. I tried to flash from SD15 to SD1A. Tryied to repeat commands along with clearing G-list. All the same -- drive is in BSY-like behavior (( What can I try else? And is there data remains?