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  1. Hi, after many hours researching into diy hard drive recovery, I realised I'm not the best person to be tinkering with it. That $2500 quite is typical of the big recovery companies. PC World quoted me £700. I found a relatively reasonable company who quoted me £149 to solve and fix the problem, so I went with them, www.pcimage.co.uk They diagnosed the problem to be with the PCB, had to borrow parts from another board and transfer on to the nakered one. I asume the firmware chip was replaced. I find harddrive companies tend to warranty the product and parts, dodgy or not. The data stuck on the drive once it's failed is MY problem. Getting a replacement drive will be no problem I have my reciept, but there's no reciept for the data so they don't care. Perhaps HDD companies should be made liable for damages caused by failing products. Im sure companies for other products are. Because it's not physical damage and data probably not important to anyone else it isnt an issue. Of course the booming data recovery industry wouldnt exist if they were liable! Companies like that Canadian company ($2500) are probably relying on seagate failures to keep a float. They probably have some business arrangement. It states on the back of an old Maxtor drive I have "Maxtor is not responsable for consequential damages, including loss or recovery of data." My response to that is WHY NOT?! Cheers for sharing
  2. Hello, I've been searching around for an alternative to expensive data recovery companies, I've read so many different opinions and often people have just said "it's buggered" or gone on about firmware updates and not having the right PCB. When I came across the old thread from the Seagate forum and this rather large extension of that here, I thought there is something fishy goin on with the 7200.11 series, perhaps someone knows what's up. Now I know how these recovery companies make there money. Anyway, you guys seem like a clever bunch, I've read through this thread, and considering I didn't know what PCB stould for a month ago I'm trying to understand as best I can (I'm a musician not a technician). About 3 months ago I treated myself to a new 500GB Maxtor external HDD. 2.5 months later plugged it in one morning...dead as a dodo, no spin up no nothing (perhaps a surge in the night, who knows?). Panic, hmm...I'll take it down to the local pc shop, see what they can do. Cracked it open, surprise! Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST3500320AS (Firmware: SD81) sitting there. Various people including the shop owner suggested I buy another identical drive and replace the PCB. OK did that new drive arrived (However, Firmware:SD1A). Attached new PCB to the old drive, plugged it in the original caddy, drive spins up but with strange clicking noise like it's trying to read, continues spinning but doesn't register on windows (don't know if it does with bios. Will bios recognise a HDD plugged into a USB?). Anyway, do these symptoms sound similar to what you guys have experienced or have I just been a pillack and bought the wrong replacement PCB? Does it sound like mine is in BSY mode? Is there anything I can do to get my data back? Forgive me for being ignorant, I just think you guys will give me some honest advice, unlike $eagate who have ignored me or other companies who have quoted me rediculous prices. Cheers in advance
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