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  1. Hi, after many hours researching into diy hard drive recovery, I realised I'm not the best person to be tinkering with it. That $2500 quite is typical of the big recovery companies. PC World quoted me £700. I found a relatively reasonable company who quoted me £149 to solve and fix the problem, so I went with them, www.pcimage.co.uk They diagnosed the problem to be with the PCB, had to borrow parts from another board and transfer on to the nakered one. I asume the firmware chip was replaced. I find harddrive companies tend to warranty the product and parts, dodgy or not. The data stuck on the
  2. Hello, I've been searching around for an alternative to expensive data recovery companies, I've read so many different opinions and often people have just said "it's buggered" or gone on about firmware updates and not having the right PCB. When I came across the old thread from the Seagate forum and this rather large extension of that here, I thought there is something fishy goin on with the 7200.11 series, perhaps someone knows what's up. Now I know how these recovery companies make there money. Anyway, you guys seem like a clever bunch, I've read through this thread, and considering I didn't
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