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  1. I am sorry if this sounds a bit dumb, but I have just found your site, and I am hoping someone, can inform me on how I can use the "office2010-sp2-x86.ulz" files, as I need to download and keep up today the office 2010 application at work, I see that MS Office has about 52 updates, and patch's after the release of SP2, and I have a few standalone machines that I need to update, and also to import the update into WDS.
  2. I think that you might have miss read the code, set docsfolder=%docsfolder%:\chris.txt - is setting the docsfolder to the path of the "My documents" as this folders has different locations regarding setting up the Variables for Desktop and Fav, this I don't want to do, as this code is only backing up and zipping up the folders in readiness for transfer.
  3. Hi looking through some of the posting I found the problem to one of my problems were I need to find and set a DocFolder Variable for My Documents as my users has there My Docs in different places. here is the code I found. @echo off set tagfile==%UserName%.txt echo %UserName%.txt for %%d in (c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) do ( if exist %%d:\nul ( pushd "%%d:\" for /f "usebackq delims==" %%i in (`dir /s /b %tagfile% ^2^>nul`) do ( set docsfolder=%%i ) popd ) ) set docsfolder=%docsfolder:\chris.txt=% reg add "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders" /v Personal /d "%docsfolder%" /f >nul echo %docsfolder% pause: goto :eof I have a little script that creates and place a txt file in each users my documents. this was in readiness for the migrating of Users to a new Computer. so I need to do is copy there profile details and My documents and place on a backup server. I am able to do find and backup the user’s desktop and Favourites from they profile, but when I use my New Variable %docsfolder% to locate and backup the users data. For some reason it is not finding the variable reference. here is my backup code. echo Off REM - FIRST MAKE SURE THAT THE TAGFILE PROGRAM IS RAN. REM - REM - this Batch file is to backup and zip all the users files from the local REM - machine and to place it onto a share folder on a server REM - rem ** Map to a share location net use I: \\chris_laptop\mirgation rem - Create a User Folder on the server and local machine mkdir I:\users\%Username% mkdir c:\archive REM copy pkzipc to the local machine REM copy I:\pkzipc.exe c:\ REM - Zip the Default folders from the user profile and place then into the archive folder Echo Archiving %username% Profile pkzipc -add -silent -path=specify c:\archive\profile.zip "c:\%homepath%\desktop\*.*" pkzipc -add -silent -path=specify c:\archive\profile.zip "c:\%homepath%\favorites\*.*" Echo Archiving %username% MyDocuments REM pkzipc -silent -add -path=specify c:\archive\profile.zip "c:\%commydocdir%\My Documents\*.*" REM pkzipc -silent -add -path=specify c:\archive\profile.zip "c:\%homepath%\My Documents\*.*" echo My Documents location - %docsfolder% pkzipc -silent -add -path=specify c:\archive\profile.zip "%docsfolder%\Convenandes\*.*" REM - check for other application IF not EXIST "C:\Lotus\Notes\ah7lena.dat" goto ENDNOTES Echo Archving Lotus Notes pkzipc -add -silent -path=specify c:\archive\notes.zip "c:\lotus\notes\*.*" goto end :ENDNOTES Echo Not a Lotus Notes Users REM Put more If statements here :end REM - Copy all the files from the C:\archive echo Moving files to Archive Folder xcopy c:\archive\*.* I:\users\%Username% /e/i/y/r/k REM - BACKUP COMPLETE echo Archving of all user information is complated REM - clean up hard drive rmdir c:\archive /s /q pause Can anyone see why this is not working. ?
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