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  1. Well I finally got my Seagate Barracuda ES.2 ST31000340NS 1TB drive back from the dead So I though I'd share my experience so others with Seagate Barracuda ES.2 ST31000340NS 1TB drives could have some hope. First I bought a nokia CA-42 cable from amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Nokia-CA-42-Connecti...6762&sr=8-2 After receiving the cable, cut off the end that goes to the phone, and strip the wires. Five wires in total. Red, Black, White, Blue and Yellow. (please note I never used the Yellow wire at all during the process detailed below) When i connected the usb end of the cable into my Windows XP pc, it wasn't recognized by my pc. I had to take Red and Black wires of the cable and connect them to my pc's power supply (seems this cable requires power from a nokia phone, which I substituted for the pc's power supply instead). Once the cable is receiving power, my pc recognized it and asked for drivers. I downloaded drivers previously from Open Drivers website : http://www.opendrivers.com/driver/230166/n...e-download.html After driver has been installed for the cable, you can now open up hyperterminal. When hyperterminal opens up, you will have to specify a name for the new connection(for example, direct-com-1), after which you'll have to select the particular COM port to use. In my case, it was COM 5. When you install the cable correctly, a new COM port will be opened. So you'll have to figure out which one it is from the drop down list within hyperterminal when setting up the new connection. Also make to use the following settings in hyperterminal: 38400, 8, None, 1, None. Once you have the hyperterminal connection established, when you type anything on the keyboard, nothing shows up. At this point, create a loopback connection with your nokia CA-42 cable by connecting the Blue and White wires together. After this, type again and you should see you characters showing up just fine. Its now time to connect the White wire to the RX pin, the Blue to the TX pin, and also connect a wire from the the Black wire to the ground on the back of the hard drive.. (you can see which pin is which on the hard drive here: http://sites.google.com/site/seagatefix/Home ... just scroll down to the middle of the page for the picture) (keep the CA-42 cable always plgged into your pc during everything described above) Once this is done, plug in the sata power plug to the back of the drive. after a little while, if everything was connected correctly, you will start to see a continuous error message being displayed in your hyperterminal window... LED: 000000CC .. At this point, i began following this guide here : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=129551 The only difference though was that I used the photo reference in post #3 of the above link. That photo showed me exactly where I had to short. After which I just proceeded with those instructions. At the point where i had to enter m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 and wait though....half hour later I was still waiting for a response from the drive. So I decided to shut down the hard drive, unplug the CA-42 cable, and reconnect back the cable, start back a new hyperterminal connection, and plug back in the drive. I then followed the recommendation of post #1010 on page 51 of this thread... Once I had a connection to the drive once again, I typed in: F3 T>F,,22 and got... Drive Configuration restored to defaults then i typed: F3 T>m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 After about a minute or so, I got the required response similar to: Max Wr Retries = 00, Max Rd Retries = 00, Max ECC T-Level = 00, Max Certify Rewrite Retries = 0000 User Partition Format 5% complete, Zone 00, Pass 00, LBA 00004339, ErrCode 000 User Partition Format 5% complete, Zone 00, Pass 00, LBA 00008DED, ErrCode 000 00080, Elapsed Time 0 mins 10 secs User Partition Format Successful - Elapsed Time 0 mins 10 secs Then I powered down my hard drive, inserted it into my external enclosure, and bam! happy days! all my info. from the drive was back! MANY THANKS to everyone who contributed their time and efforts to help us all.
  2. Thanks for your reply CarterInCanada. The NS Models are older models I believe, not mac or pc specific. I both two on these drives last august from newegg, and put one of them into an iMac. It was working great up until last week's power outage. I just ordered one of those CA-42 phone cables to see if I can get this drive back. I'll let you know how it goes. My only concern was the clicking sound from the drive. It spins up, clicks a couple times, and then repeats the process. Is this typical from these defective drives? Oh, and getting my drive to seagate isn't really an option at this point. I'm in Trinidad in the Caribbean, so I'd rather try to fix this myself
  3. Hi Guys, I'm not sure if this particular firmware issue applies to my drive. I have a seagate ST31000340NS 1TB drive. It is listed as one of the drives with the defective firmware. A few days ago, I had a power outage, and when the electricity came back on, my mac wasn't starting up. My drive just spins up, clicks a couple times and repeats the process. Its not being recognized in disk utility or even disk warrior. My question is, do you think this is because of the power outage, or the firmware issue? And also, can I use the method discribed here to unbrick my ST31000340NS drive?