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  1. MS Barcode Stickers

    thats not a bad idea jcarle, but what i'm mainly want to do is collect a catalouge of the product keys when the machines come from the manufacturer. I might just bite the bullet and rely on good old pencil and paper for now, still does anyone know what the End-Item number is used for? Thanks for your feedback Kodash
  2. MS Barcode Stickers

    So there's no link between the barcode and product key? Could it be possible that the manufacturer has a copy of thoose and a product key, i dont understand the significance of having the barcode and then the same numbers alongside. Is it for Genuine Windows inspections or something?
  3. MS Barcode Stickers

    Hi, I think this counts as a hardware queston really but: I am trying to scan the bacode on a COA sticker on the machines at work, I want to be able to get a copy of the Product key but so far i'm struggling. All i seem to get is a series of numbers which i think is the Microsoft End-Item Number. Is there any way of converting this in the product key? And what is it used for? Thanks Kodash
  4. Logging On Problem

    as far as i know the machines log on using the classic windows NT screen (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and thats been changed locally as well as soon as they join the domain, i dont think theres anything in GP that has been changed, because this is the only machine in the OU that is showing this problem
  5. Logging On Problem

    Hi, I'm hava bit of a problem with a coleagues laptop. Apparently it was working yesterday and hecould log on and off without having a problem. But today is different He tried logging on and was shown the message So i tried to log on as a Domain administrator and was shown the same message, then as a Local administrator and got the same message.I rebooted the machine and started it in Safe Mode, and could log on but there was no indication i could see of why this message keeps popping up, tried opening windows normally and it happened again. Tried last known configuration and still get the same error. Been googling nearly all morning and still can't find anything relevant. Any body have any ideas? Thanks in advance Kodash