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  1. >>Is any of you guys interested in a new re-written recovery guide for this BSY (or LBA=0) error?<< I think this would be very valuable. You could also include all of the mis-information that people should avoid. (like where to stick the card stock under the PCB) Also, pictures are very useful. The more info (better info) that is out there, the less confusion people will have.
  2. Thanks for all of the insight. I used several guides from different people just to cross check and verify that what I was doing was correct. It amazes me that after several months that this issue came to light, there are still 15 to 30 people on this thread at a time reading about this subject. I just wish I would have ordered the parts sooner and gotten my data back a long time ago.
  3. Crack open a beer to celebrate!!! I got my drive working!!! KICK A$$!!! Ok, a few things that really screwed me up. I didn't have the right drivers installed for my USB to Serial adapter. Once I got the correct ones installed, I was able to comunicate with the drive on COM PORT 4. Also, if you are using the SparkFun Controller that is listed on page one of this thread, make sure that you connect the third wire that everyone is talking about. I had to try it twice in order for the final step to work but once it did, all of my data showed up!! STUPID SEAGATE for srewing with my drive in the first place. Thanks to EVERYONE on this thread who have contributed one way or another to helping out those who are having problems.
  4. I am confused on which part of the drive I should place the cardstock between. Is it between the PCB and the Motor Contacts or the Head Contacts?? One guide says the Head contacts and the original post says Motor contacts. Thanks
  5. It seems that all of the photos from Gratis have been moved or taken down. Can these be re-posted? I need to know which pins on the back of the drive are TX and RX. Thanks Chris