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  1. Hello, I've readed the small manual, but I'm not for sure that I'm doing it the right way. I use this commands (for example) to start a setups from a CD: [CyberLink PowerDVD 5] command=%SRCDRIVE%\SOFTWARE\CyberLink PowerDVD 5\Setup.exe selected=0 [DEAMON Tools v3.47] command=%SRCDRIVE%\SOFTWARE\\SOFTWARE\DAEMON Tools 3.47\daemon347.exe selected=0 [DivX v5.2.1] command=%SRCDRIVE%\SOFTWARE\SOFTWARE\DivX 5.2.1\DivX521XP2K.exe selected=0 Is this the right way to start setups from CD? (yes I know, this are not fully unattended setups...) And another question: I have several programs who do not need an installation (like AIDA 32 and MS BootVis). I just want that the full map on the CD will be copied to the Program Files directory. Which command do I need for this?
  2. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    I've another question about thsi progam (again ) Is it right that I can change the ownername, the computername and the Administrator password with this program? (for unattended install you have to make the file winnt.sif were you must save the ownername, the computername and the Administrator password. But when you use the CD to install Windows XP on several computers, you can't use the same the ownername, the computername and the Administrator password. So is it possible with this program to change this information? Hmm, I hope I am clear enough..) Greetz, WARTHOG
  3. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    Thnx Midiboy, Your explanation makes it all clear for me! I know the existence of Admin groups and user groups, but I didn't know that new accounts were placed into one of the groups... But thnx a lot! Greetz, WARTHOG
  4. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    Midiboy, Thanks a lot for your information! I really appriciate that. Maybe I read the things wrong, but on a WinXP machine you have three types of accounts: Administrator (that's the account when logging in after unattend install)the "computermangager" (sorry for de bad translation, I use the dutch version ) and the limited user. So as I understand, this program makes an account called Administrator (or "computermanager")?? Greetz, WARTHOG (P.S. ****, my Englisch sucks..)
  5. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    Hello, First of all: this seems to be a really nice program! Good job. But is it possible that someone could write a small "How to" guide? The site of Benjamin gives only information about command line options (= easy to understand), but I can't find information about how to use this program. I've watched version 1.6 and 2.0 beta, but for example: I don't know where to put this program on my CD, or when I disable "Add Administrator rights to new user" does de new user gets limited rights?? Greetz, WARTHOG
  6. Registry Tweaks, Part-1

    Hello, I've readed a lot of topics, but I can't find the right registry tweak that I want to: -> Control panel -> System -> Advanced -> Performance -> Settings: "Show shadows under menu's" This option I want to have it DISABLED. I've searched in the following key, but I can't discover the right one: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VisualEffects] Is there anybody who can help me? P.S. I hope the translation is right, because I'm using the Dutch version . Anyone???