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  1. Good point Annihilator, and maybe I should have been more clear that I would do this only as a last resort and in a desperate attempt to get your data. My POS drive is going to be replaced by Seagate then thrown in the garbage. I have no long term plans for the drive, so condensation was not an issue for me. I'm still bitter with the way Seagate handled this situation, so Hitachi gets my business next. Also, my company manufactures a product that uses a HDD and guess what I found out yesterday? We had just switched to Seagate drives!!! I sat down with the Engineers and Product Managers and showed them the printouts of Seagate's TS response and took them to some forums of Seagate users: needless to say all product shipments are on hold pending a new drive being spec'd in. I cannot do business with a company that has proven to be unwilling to do the right thing by their customers, even if the company has a good name for products overall. Sorry to digress but like I said I am still a little bitter.
  2. Guys, I have an odd solution for probably only some of you, but if you have SD14 firmware (and my drive is the ST31000340AS) and experienced the problem of the drive not being recognized by the BIOS, Seagate is going to do nothing to help you. My problem was identical to the BSY problem everyone else is experiencing, however the fix did not work for me. I could spin down the drive but not spin it up again. It would quietly buzz for about 7 minutes then display a read/write error (see about 3 posts back for a detailed failure). At any rate, after being quoted $2900 by Seagate to recover my data, and having tried every solution I have seen on the board, I finally was able to get my drive to boot up and I am now happily copying files to a different drive! Here is the process (and please do not laugh: desperate times breed desperate measures). 1. Remove your hard drive from the computer. 2. Place it in an antistatic bag. 3. Place the drive and antistatic bag into a large ziplock bag and seal it. 4. Place the drive in the freezer (yes, the refrigerator freezer) for 2-3 hours. 5. Remove the drive and quickly install it in your computer. 6. Turn the computer on to boot like normal (assuming this is your boot drive of course). 7. If you are lucky, yours will boot just like mine did! 8. Wasting no time, copy your files to another drive. 9. Remove the POS Seagate and burn it at an alter (not required step). I know it sounds crazy but it worked for me. Muskieratboi (page 46) and a few others that had the same symptoms I did, you may be experiencing another problem. What does it hurt to try? Freeze that mofo and give it a whirl. After freezing, just install the drive and try to use it. I would not waste time trying to go through the repair process (not that it is a waste of time, I just do not know how long the frozen drive will stay in a working state.) BTW, I cannot take credit for this fix. There was a quick post earlier by someone that did this and it worked for them. I blew past it then thinking it was a fluke, but hey! It worked!
  3. Annihilator: I have been around and around with Seagate all day. They will NOT recover my data, but it is because I have the SD14 firmware in my ST31000340AS. They are willing to replace the drive, but no repair or data recovery (my error: for $2900 they will recover the data). So forgive me if I'm a bit pi***d off at a company with a known design defect that refuses to assist their customers. Needless to say this is my LAST seagate pos. Having said this, you may want to call them. I got the impression that if my firmware was SD15 they might have worked with me. Also call their data recovery company and they may be able to handle it for you. Good luck!
  4. I just wanted to add this note for the record. I am one of the ones that cannot get the drive (ST31000340AS) to spin up again. I get: F3 T>/2 F3 2> Z Spin Down Complete Elapsed Time 0.154 msecs (Paper card Removed) F3 2> U (Drive begins to emit a quiet Buzzing noise every 4.0 seconds. Seven Minutes later..) Error 1009 DETSEC 00006008 Spin Error Elapsed Time 7 mins 27 secs R/W Status 2 R/W Error 84150180 It is repeatable everytime. I have: 1) Isolated both connectors 2) Cleaned both board contact pads and connection points 3) Tried both level 2 and 3 spin down 4) Read every post in 59 pages! Nothing changed the symptoms. If anyone knows of any solution, I welcome the feedback. Otherwise, thanks for the excellent instructions Gradius2and Aviko and for the excellent feedback I've gotten here. You guys did a great job of diagnosing the problem and getting a solution for many users!
  5. Guys I have a dumb question but I'm desperate. I have the 1TB STE31000340AS and it bricked yesterday with the BSY stat issue apparently. I've read up on the issue and see that I can repair this, my problem is a time issue. I need to get the data off the drive ASAP. My first thought is to buy the same drive and replace the PC board: problem is I cannot find the same model locally. So, what do you think the repercussions of taking a board off another Seagate 1TB drive and replacing the failed one on my current drive would be? I would be replacing a PC board on a ST31000340AS with one from a ST310005N1A1AS-RK? Anyone tried this? Is there a chance of damaging the data on my existing platter? I know these are long shots, but time is of the essence here and desperate times call for desperate measures. Alternatively if someone knows of someone in Charlotte, NC that has the setup to do the repair, this info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again for any feedback! Mike.