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  1. W7-W2K8 UL file

    That was exactly what I was looking for! Cheers MrJinje. One more question. Not sure if its possible, but is there a way to use the WUD on another PC without admin rights? By that I mean a portable version where no install is needed to download the list. My internet connection is running off a Mobile Broadband dongle and its veeeeerrrrrryyyy slow!! So I use another PC (public) for my downloads. The PC's I use have disabled installs of any type and also disabled .bat and .cmd files from being executed.
  2. W7-W2K8 UL file

    Cheers for the lists guys. Its so much simpler. Does anyone have a list they've kept up to date? Other than the one mentioned here with the added drop-in. Or even an up-to-date drop-in will do. I cant figure out how to find the download link on the MS site. All i can get is a forwarding link, not a direct link to an *exe or *msi....
  3. hey guys. MAJOR problem here! I have made myself an unattended installation with programs, reg tweaks and stripped most dll's and exe's and replaced icons, bitmaps and explorer bar. Here's my problem... I replaced the ntoskrnl.ex_ and ntkrnlmp.ex_ with a custom bootscreen made with booteditor, entered setup... all went well. Now i have decided to modify the bootscreen because the text was too big, replaced current .ex_ files and went back to setup. Now i get an error saying that the files placed on the drive are not xp system files! WHAT is going on? Windows file protection is disabled and if i replace original custom screen or xp original, it works. I even tried replacing booteditor files with new ones... still dont work! Also tried making and makecab-ing a new bootscreen using virtual machine with original files in case i corrupted some files and that still doesn't work. Can someone here please help me? I have considered everything that i can think of and now i'm lost! Thanks in advance