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  1. on my dual boot i am using symantec antivirus 10 for both. i gotta say that i hated norton to death and wanted nothing to do with symantec. i was using trend micro pccillin before and loved it. didnt like officescan though. tried avast and i hated it. also tried mcafee 8.0i and still didint like it. said to hell with it ill try symantec corporate 10 and its excellent. catches everything. it is just a plain antivirus scanner that is lowprofile yet very well built. i am using it with microsoft antispyware and its definitly the way to go.

  2. i got it working. this is what happened. i also had a backup hdd installed on my computer when i installed xp32. for some reason it copied the ntdetect etc and boot.ini to that. so when id disconnect the backup drive it would boot to x64 but when it was plugged in it would boot to x32. well i got it fixed now cause i deleted the files that it put on my backup drive and then went on my x32 installation and copied the line from the backup drives boot.ini into my x64 boot.ini. i just had to change the setting rdisk(2) to rdisk(0). all works perfectly now!

  3. i have 2 80gb SATA hdds in RAID 0 conig on my laptop. = 1 160gb hdd.

    i installed x64 onto a partition that i made on it of 140gb. I got it all set up, and then i went to install XP32 on the remaining 20gb, which became the F drive. After setup formated and copied the files, it rebooted. It had a boot menu now for XP pro and XP64. only problem is that when it went to continue the install by going through xp pro, it said something about not being able to find the disk or the bootstrap or something. how do i get xp32 installed on my system?

  4. for your presetup.cmd isnt it supposed to be $OEM$ instead of just OEM folder

    also for creating my own driverpacks with 7zip do i just take the files from

    for example: take files from the 001_Chipset folder & create a 7zip archive of them and name them driverpacks_*??? that way i would end up have like 7 or 8 driverpacks?

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