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  1. Salut Olikel je vois que tu es français, j'ai réparé 1 maxtor et un seagate comme le tien, en achetant ce petit adaptateur sur une une boutique ebay La description complête de mon montage : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...807&st=1160 J'espère que ça pourra t'aider. Cordialement Clem
  2. Hello, I'm trying to fix now a SEAGATE Barracuda 7200.11 SN : ST3500620AS, Firmware : HP12, BSY State. The CTRL Z works, it goes to N1 smart command, then I have to power off sata connector during 60s, and when I power on again the CTRL Z doesnt work anymore EDIT : Ok I've fixed it I had to power off/power on before 10s ... I don't know why, and then hit ctrl z many times until the motor has finished to load. After I restored the configuration with F,,2 command, and finally, I could perform the next commands.
  3. YES IT WORKS !!! I had to connect a 5V wire and flip tx and rx ! And of course I had to power on sata connector during the hyperterminal CTRL Z, that I hadn't understood ! I've worked so hard that I have made photos ! Here is my resolution : For MAXTOR DIAMONDMAX 22 (SN STM3500320AS) with MX15 Firmware First of all : With MAX3232 adapter You have to connect RX to RX and TX to TX !! Hardware used : . standard PC with one serial connector (com1) . rs232 cord . max3232 adapter (rs232 to ttl) . ATX PC Power Unit . Sata Power cable from another open PC The photos This photo shows my assembly with ATX pc power unit : To make this ATX power unit works only when I connect a power cord, you have to shunt 2 wires of the ATX motherboard connector : The max3232 assembly : The final assembly with HDD : For HDD pins, you can use a wire from jumper from a pc motherboard (like the ones for switchs and leds) and flatten it with a plier, then it's solid to connect to : Summary . Connect rs232 cord to your pc and to MAX3232 adapter . Connect red wire and black wire from atx power unit to V+ and GND on max3232 adapter . Connect TX max3232 to TX hdd pin . Connect RX max3232 to RX hdd pin . Connect power sata connector . Put a paper card (or other) onto 3 pins motor hdd but behind hdd board (between), you have to pull off a screw to do that (the nearest from the motor) . Power on ATX power unit with a power cord, the d1 led of the max3232 blinking . Launch hyperterminal, set it, connect it . Power on the second PC where power sata on the hdd is connected to . Type CTRL Z and so the commands listed there : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...8807&st=100 . When finished and HDD works, you have to flash your bugged firmware with a newer, I have used this one : link to the firmware iso from seagate, its a bootable iso ! That should work, I hope ... For me It worked !!! Thx Gradius, you rox !! What a lovely screenshot !! :
  4. I've connected hdd GND pin to black wire of power unit, and GND on the converter with another black wire ... I've tried with tx rx, and tx2 rx2, in hyperterme that says connected but CTRL Z doesnt answer ... I have put a paper card on the 3 pins of the motor behind the board of the hdd. But nothing happens. The exact image of my converter : When do I have to power on the HDD ? After power on max3232 converter so before going in hyperterminal, when exactly ?
  5. Ok thx pichi I'll try that tomorrow, but I have to connect GND on the converter AND on the hdd ? That's right ?
  6. Hello I have tried your solution with a max3232 converter and serial cable in com1, I have connected rx tx to the hdd pins, v+ and gnd, v+ on orange or red (same results) wire of a power unit, and gnd on black wire of power unit. The D1 led is blinking, but CTRL Z doesnt work, my hard drive (maxtor diamondmax 22 mx15) is in BSY and doesnt answer, I have removed a screw to put a paper thing onto the motor. But no more answer from hyperterminal. Perhaps I have to connect rx2 and tx2 whereas rx and tx ? Thx PS : sorry for the bad photo, its from my htc, and sorry for my bad english, im french !