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  1. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    Welcome back, Benjamin. Hope your trip went well! I have a couple other comments/suggestions for the installation page... How about the ability to collapse the root trees via the ini file? I've only seen settings for collapsing the subtrees. Perhaps something like: collapsed=1 ...for each main section? Hrrmph. I had one more thing, but I'm drawing a blank. Maybe I'll remember after a few cups of coffee.
  2. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    'Tested the PageHeader settings last night, Benjamin. They work well!
  3. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    [settings] would be a good section for it. Simple and generic enough that you can add just about any future misc items to it.
  4. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    Well, if everyone is just using wihu for themselves, there wouldn't really be a need for it. However, additional text could be useful to those who weren't involved in the setup process. Not all of the wihu users would want to add "Note that items appearing greyed out may already be installed or may be older than installed versions" or "For additional Applications, connect to UBCServer1 after rebooting." In my case, tho (making an semi-unattended installation DVD for co-workers), that additional text helps. I'm sure others can think of some examples, too.
  5. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    my2001, it looks like, for the moment at least, he's taken the triangle out. Benjamin, another thing that would be useful is the ability to customize the "Select which additional software should be installed" text (or perhaps append additional text to the end of it). Maybe with support for environment variables? Also, would it be possible to link up the subitem/tree checkboxes with that of their parent? For example, if my "[ ] Web Browsers" subtree has 3 items in it, and I select items #1 and #3, the parent should automatically show a partially selected state. With all 3 items selected, the parent should also be fully selected and, obviously, if none of the 3 are selected, the parent would reflect that state, as well. Eariler versions used to do this automatically, didn't they? I've had a couple situations recently where an entire tree has started out unselected and I've gone back and toggled one item but forgot to also toggle the parent... The result was me scratching my head wondering why that item didn't install.
  6. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    w00! Thanks!
  7. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    Benjamin, great work on the program so far! Could we have an option to hide an item (or at least grey it out) when the file.x or key.x comparators determine that the item shouldn't be installed? The small yellow triangle with the exclamation mark looks nice, but the meaning may not be clear to everyone who sees it.