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  1. 120:9TE0S***:ST31000333AS:9FZ136-100:LC15:09182:TK:2009-23-02:2009-03-27:RETAIL:Puppetnation:Italy:NOT RECOGNIZED IN BIOS/fixed:WINP_PRO_x86:CoolerMaster 700W
  2. 120:9TE0S***:ST31000333AS:9FZ136-100:LC15:09182:(manufac. date):TK:2009-03-23:2009-03-27:RETAIL:Puppetnation:Italy:NOT RECOGNIZED IN BIOS/fine:WINP_PRO_x86:CoolerMaster 700W Wow! It's alittle tricky but it works, i have ALL my data back now! Thanks so much! I'll launch this weird hard disk into the garbage as soon as I'll finish data transfer to ANOTHER BRAND drive! THANKS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hello everybody! Thanks Gradius2 for putting vital info on resuscitating hard-drives, your contribution is very very precious! I'm so excited: tomorrow I'll get the necessary gear and will fix my 30-days old "locked" 1TB drive plenty of data. This condition makes my stomach burning... I think restoring access to personal data has no price... At Seagate they say "mine it's not affected"... it's easy to act like this... they simply offer a drive replacement... thanks so much I'll let you know! Update: haven't found the serial interface on shops, ordered on eBay and waiting for the postman to come, maybe this week I'll be on the job!
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