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  1. Thanks for the info. Both valuable bits of info.
  2. I need to push a stripped down XPe image onto about 40 intranet computers that are older BosANova touch screen computers. All that is needed on these with regards to third party software is Adobe Reader and FireFox. These and whatever wireless networking apps that are needed for the wireless USB devices These little gems have 500Mb of on board memory without keyboards, mice or a hard drive, hence the XPe. Is the nLite the right way to do this and is it compatible with XPE when it says it is compatible with XP? Thank, ViolentLee
  3. I'm relatively new to the IT word. I've been in school, (part-time) for several years chasing my CIS/Security degree/certs. I was lucky a couple years ago to get a job at the college I attend to work in the computer labs. This gave me some experience and looks real good on my resume. So good in fact that I was able to nail down another part-time job at a manufacturing company as their sole IT guy. They use a LOT of wireless between the server and the factory floor computers. In the last couple years, they implemented this system and then the guy who set it all up bailed on them. Nine months ago, they hired in a consultant who brought in an entirely new server and network hardware set-up and then the wireless system is failing sporadically. Enter me. Until I can get this under control, I'll be a very busy guy. Oh, I'm 44 years old, with a wife, two sheep dogs, EIGHT cats and a hot rod. I'm pretty busy.

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