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  1. Thanks all, i was able to Do it Successfully. Special thanks to Gradius2 and Aviko
  2. Hi, Thanks for all the info but I am stuck with a problem. I have this Nokia CA-42 clone. There are 3 wires in it Black, white and blue Black is GND as it is mentioned on the IC. Also, i tested it through a Voltmeter and I am getting above 3.3V on both White and Blue, i.e., when connecting the Negative of Voltmeter to black and Positive to White or Blue Then its saying connected to terminal, but i am not able to type anything in it. When trying different USB ports, i got it typing for a while but it was only momentary. Now what to do ? How to make it type in Terminal Window ?? Also i am not getting any random characters when i joined TX and RX or (TX + GND) or (RX + GND). Now what to do ?

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