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  1. thank you very much guys, you all have been very helpful.
  2. assume this: your PC x is in a domain and you want to deploy MS word package, so what do you do. you deploy this via GPO. now to do this the PC x should be on this domain. I want to do the same thing(deploy the software) but the PC x is in workgroup. thanks a lot for the replies
  3. are these two methods based on pre booting. if yes, I was looking for, after logging to the windows a way to deploy software. thanks for the reply
  4. I am trying to find a way to deploy software to workgroup base PCs. I read an article in here, deploying via RIS, other than RIS is there another way to deploy the software(any tools). I don't mean deploying it via AD, to do this you have to be on a domain!!! thx in adv
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