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  1. That was my plan, actually, but thanks for the suggestion:) Incidently, I think what I'm going to do is just try to play around with it a bit before I order the drive. I don't think I'll need any space for the swap drive (I believe that it's recommended that you turn the swap file off on a flash drive to avoid writing to it too much) and I can shrink the recycle bin... once this system is set up I won't be deleting any files. I'm just going to set up a VM with a 1G drive and try to install XP and my app on it and see how much space I need. Thank again, Brett
  2. Thanks Kelsenellenelvian, I suspect you may be right. Like I said, the 2G one is twice the price, but it's still really not that expensive in the long run, plus I'd hate to get the 1G one and wind up needing an extra couple of megs and regretting it. This kiosk thing should mostly be a set it and forget it thing and if it's too tight on space I'm afraid I'll have more problems to deal with.
  3. I'm working on setting up a machine for a kiosk type application and I want to use a solid state flash drive. All I'll need is XP and the application itself (which does require .net). It looks like it will be almost twice the cost to get a 2G drive instead of a 1G drive. I'd like to have about 500M left after the XP install to install my application and it's support files (This is somewhat flexable, though). Can I easily install XP on a 1G drive with 500M to spare or would I be better off getting the 2G drive? Thanks, Brett

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