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  1. Ok, so i got an original Vista Ultimate x86. Now i wanna upgrade to x64. I read that it's possible, easy register x64-copy w/ my 32bit key.

    My problem is now, where i can get a CLEAN Image of vista x64. Don't wanna pirate, don't want a key or sth. I want to install and register with my ori-Key.

    All the x64 s*** on the internet (Torrent/Emule) is with something integrated and cracked.

    Can anybody tell me a source of this? Or even copy an Image of his's x64-DVD and send it to me? :/ Would be nice...

  2. Hai Nuhi,

    Just want to ask if you plan a feature like that? ATM i think it's very difficult to make WinXP/Vista to Install from USB-Stick, or it is not difficult, but not mainstream yet. Most new machines can boot from USB, so would this not be a cool function for one of your next releases?

    Or do you already work on that? Want to know!

  3. Hi Nuhi! Tested your new V 1.2 Beta, and i must say... it's simply fantastic! The slightly new designed menus are beautiful, and i like the new functions!

    I found just one error in theme integration...

    when i click on the button which imports all themes on my system, i can use lunaelement 5 without problems.

    but when i download the installer from www.lunaelement.net, unpack it and want to import the "clean" folder, an error appears (which let me force to close or to continue nLite).

    dunno if i can reproduce it, have to try.

    but anyway, great product!

  4. Hi nuhi and community,

    i wanna replace my default cursors in my xp-cd.

    now i wonder what name the DEFAULT cursors have.

    and... can i just replace them (SFC is off) in i386? do i have to pack them or can i simply put the unpacked cursor with default name in i386 and delete the .cu_ file?

  5. one of my main requests is, when slipstreaming through nlite, not all icons etc. are replaced. could that be possible to add it in nxt rls or sth? :/

    also, you could overwrite the classic luna thingie with a more cool skin, then u have a cool skin by default!!!

  6. Hi,

    Before a week or sth, i created an nLited Windows DVD.

    it created a cmdlines.txt in %OEM%. Very serious, i think

    now, today, after nlitening, i can't find a cmdlines.txt. WTF?

    And i made the same with nlite as always:

    change program files --> programs; change /temp --> %userprofiles%/temp; Tweak "Paint Windows Version on Desktop"

    i both used 1.0.1

    will i get my nlite setting anyway when i install it new now?

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