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  1. So, are you suggesting to boot from the MHDD iso?
  2. Pichi, Thanks for your help and suggestions. I downloaded MHDD, but couldn't figure out how to use it, so I downloaded Victoria for Windows and followed the tutorial in another thread. The drive would even not show up in Victoria, so I figure the drive is really dead. Seagate is sending me a new drive tomorrow.
  3. I have a 1.5 TB seagate that I updated from SD17 to SD1A back in December at Seagate's suggestion. That drive is now dead exhibiting similar problems to the BSY error. It spins up, doesn't get overly hot, is not making any noise, and won't post or show up at all. I have over 1.2 TB of data on this drive and would like to recover it. I do have backups of the data in other places, but the drive was part of a WHS data pool and I have no clue what actual data is on the drive. 1. How do I check the drive to see if its experiencing the BSY error? 2. If it is experiencing the BSY error, will the instructions & commands here fix it or do I need to use different commands since it already has the SD1A firmware? Also, I noticed that the newest firmware is SD1B for the 1.5 TB drive on the firmware download page, but a Seagate technical support team lead told me on Monday that the SD1A that I have on the drive is the latest firmware for that drive.