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  1. WinSetupFromUSB, Unattended Source

    I have to apologize to the awesome folks here... It looks like the newest version did the trick. I was running an older version of WinSetupFromUSB. I still have to do the partitioning part of the install right at the very beginning, but I found in one of the threads that you can't make it do that part automagically (I had it set to just wipe the first hard drive and make a giant NTFS part, but if I have to do that part manually it's not a big deal) Thanks for the help, Jon
  2. Hey Guys, Okay so I have this awesome source that I've made and tweaked over the last three years which I use daily as the user and desktop support tech for a staffing firm. Details below: XP Pro SP2 Used nLite to add RyanVM Update Pack, DirectX and WMP Add-ons Used DriverPacks from Driverpacks.net to add drive support Used nLite to setup an Unattended install So basically when I put the disc in, I hit enter once, and then it doesn't bug me until it gets to the computer's name (one part of the winnt.sif I left blank so it would prompt me), then I fill that in and it doesn't bug me until it hits desktop. I can give more info on how I made it if it's needed to help get me an answer, but that should give you a basic idea of what my source looks like. We got a bunch of machines without optical drives and I'm using WinSetupFromUSB to get my source onto an 8GB USB stick so that I can get these machines up and running. My simple question is how do I get Unattended working with this? I tried searching in this subforum and reading the main two threads, but with both of them being 20+ pages long, I was hoping someone could just give me a straight-up answer of "change this file to say that and it will use the winnt.sif from your source and you'll be good" or something like that. I just need it to do exactly what my source does. Install, prompt me for the computer name, but other than that don't bug me. I use this daily, and really can't spare the time to manually answer questions for the windows setup! I've included my Winnt.sif (with some sensitive information obviously omitted) in case anyone needs to see it. This is what works on my CD version. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Jon Winnt.sif