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  1. How to make a 7-Zip Switchless Installer

    It didn't work calling the cmd from 7zip, although it did work just executing the cmd directly from the directory. ;!@Install@!UTF-8! RunProgram="run.cmd" ;!@InstallEnd@! run.cmd: CMDOW @ /HID @ECHO OFF start /wait IP4_1.msi MM=14 /QB REBOOT=ReallySuppress REGEDIT /S ip412.reg EXIT It is as if 7zip ONLY wants to call setup.exe because that is the errer I get: A small box titled 7zip and text saying "Can not find setup.exe". This is strange since I've nowhere mentioned setup.exe. Doesn't 7zip execute the install command in the directory it has just extracted to (I think it should but I'm starting to doubt it.)? Then, if the install command is unavailable - which it isn't - it launches the default "setup.exe". Well, if no one can give me an explaination to this behavior, I'm starting to smell a serious bug... BTW what's the advantage of using the StartX.exe method as the guide describes as opposed to a .cmd file? And I just testet that even WinRAR works with the .cmd. I'm afraid I'm about to give up on 7zip if I don't find a solution Regards, FoLmEr
  2. How to make a 7-Zip Switchless Installer

    Hi there... I'm also experiencing rather strange problems with 7zip and this guide. I'm trying to pack the IntelliPoint software from Microsoft version 4.12 and I already have it install flawlessly from a RunOnceEx command: IP4_1.msi MM=14 /QR REBOOT=ReallySuppress The reason I want to pack it is that right now all the install files are unpacked in a folder which obviously takes up more space than a compressed package. Now, I've compressed the installation files (including StartX.exe), changed icons in the 7zs.sfx, written a config.txt, copied all three files to a single .exe - in other words, followed the guide exactly as stated. The problem is that it won't start the .msi which I instruct it to. Instead, it tries to start the setup.exe which is also in the package. It isn't needed but it's there since I figured it didn't matter. Here's my config.txt (saved in UTF-8 format): ;!@Install@!UTF-8! RunProgram="StartX.exe /WAIT \"msiexec /i IP4_1.msi MM=14 /QR REBOOT=ReallySuppress\"" ;!@InstallEnd@! Here comes the strange part: it works like a charm in WinRAR! Here's the comment: ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Setup=StartX.exe /WAIT "msiexec /i IP4_1.msi MM=14 /QR REBOOT=ReallySuppress" TempMode Silent=1 Overwrite=1 I have been able to make similar working 7zip files using this guide, I just can't see why this one doesn't. Also, I've been making 7zip sfx's from ATi catalyst which don't change icons and can't be deleted Thus I have 4-5 21 mbyte files on my desktop which cannot be deleted from Windows. Strange. I should mention that I'm testing the packages in VMware 5.0 RC2. What am I doing wrong? Regards, FoLmEr
  3. Intellimouse Explorer 3

    np I'm glad that I could help you! I've had the same problems and the least I can do is share my findings with other people.
  4. Intellimouse Explorer 3

    hi there! (first post ) First of all, the MSIE will work with newer versions of the IntelliPoint software, but as it quite old, it'll be assigned a different name. The buttons will work however. But I recommend the 4.12 software since it has button profile support for different programs and it actually recognizes the mouse as it should. you should unpack the downloaded executable and find the folder where the file IP4_1.msi resides - that is, Mouse\setup in the executable. All files within the "setup" folder are the files required to install the software. Copy this folder (and its subfolders) to your unattended CD and run the .msi file like this: IP4_1.msi MM=14 /QR REBOOT=ReallySuppress I guess I'll have to do some explaining: MM=14 is a required switch to run the .msi - the msi WILL NOT run without this switch. It is parsed by the install program (setup.exe) which we are not running in this example since it appears not to support silent installs. /QR makes the .msi install silently and the REBOOT=ReallySupress turns of the reboot. However, after the installation you'll need to configure the software according to the mouse you're using. To workround this in an unattended install, make the software recognize your MSIE3 by importing a regfile with this code: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Microsoft Input Devices\Mouse] "DeviceNum"=dword:0000000e In this way, after install, the reg file configures your mouse correctly and after reboot, you'll have a working MSIE3. Other settings like AutoUpdate and the button profiles can also be found in the registry under the mentioned key. Play around with them if you like. I have my reg file assign the wheelbutton a double click command, and the small mouse button a close command in ixplore and firefox. It makes navigation a lot easier. Take it or leave it. I hope my answer was helpful to you... Do ask again if you have any other questions. Regards, FoLmEr