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  1. Dear all, My name is Vincenzo (from Italy) and I'm just registered to this forum... I hope my English is understandable Now I'm talking about my problem... I would make a recovery DVD using Windows Pe 2.0 in order to recover my system at the factory state. I found the file Factory.wim within the recovery partition and I already copied it within a Windows PE boot DVD... In this way, when I had some problems, I manually recovered the system using imagex and the file Factory.wim. Now I would make an unattended recovery procedure... Nevertheless I have some problems with DiskPart on Windows PE boot DVD... If I start DiskPart for the first time, then the optical drive has a certain volume number... When I restart DiskPart (without restart the system), the volume number often change... As a consequence, I cannot assign a letter to it with a certain security... How can I resolve this problem? Thanks a lot! Vincenzo

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