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  1. The advise i gave you is based on the advise of this Seagate Knowledge Base article. Please check if your unique drive is listed by using this form. Even if you are asked for username and password, you don't have to login! Just enter your harddrives serial in the big textbox, enter the captcha and click 'Submit'. Based on your harddrives serial you'll have to contact the seagate support directly or to download the firmware update. For Seagate Cheetah series i know that the hardware of OEM and Retail editions is identical, don't know if its the same for Barracuda but i think so. Thus you could patch your HP24 firmware with an original one from seagate. If you have to contact seagate support directly i don't know what happens but your harddrive is manufactured at 06/07/08 thus its covered by seagates 3-year warranty for oem. If seagate rejects supporting your harddrive (although its an manufacturing fault), you could download the firmware for your drive directly here. Additionally, read this Quote of a Seagate Statement. Below 'Recommendation' Seagate grants you free data-recovery if required. Thanks for info! I have emailed Seagate tech support and see that there is a firmware upgrade posted on their site for my specific series number; however, my HDD is bricked right now . . . . I'll see what Seagate offers. . . .
  2. My Seagate 7200.11 750GB HD crashed yesterday, just 1 week after 90 refurb warranty of the HP PC expired! Any low cost fix recommendations will be appreciated especially if data is recovered. Thanks 9QK0****:ST3750630AS:9BX146621:HP24:08491:TK:120208:030909:oem:COBRA237:USA:BIOHD-2:VISTA:AMD
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