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  1. "Ctrl + G" ????? Why? It is "Ctrl+z", It is n't? Yesss.....CTRL + Z
  2. Hi all, sorry for my poor english! I want to tell my "disaster" My seagate ST3500320AS after 2 months goes to BSY state I have read the great tutorial on this thread. I have build succesfully a TTL adapter and I have connected all things. This is my report: In Hyper Terminal the CTRL+Z didn't work and the prompt didn't appear because it was necessary to set the WINDOWS KEYS (File-->Properties-->) (Please write this in the tutorial!!). Ok, all it works...the prompt appears and I have followed the first part of the tute. All goes OK but...there is always a but.....after the /T command (in the G-List step), the prompt stop to work (no echo!)! I have powered off and I have reconneted all things...and after 2000 CTRL+Z the prompt appears but I didn't see any echo (I have proved many many many many many times) Than I have proved to reconnect the HDD on my computer and this time the bios recognize the drive (but with 0MB capacity ) This is my error: So I have decided to flash the drive with the seagate utility!!! After the flash, the bios always say me 0MB capacity. So, I have reconneted the adapter and hyper-terminal but the HDD gives me this echo: rst 0x20M The curious thing is that this echo is in loop mode....so it's impossible to write anything in the hyper-terminal console!! So, I have disconneted (another time) the PCB board...but nothing the rst 0x20M "flood" (loop) the hyper terminal console. I have noted a thing, at the beginning there are 2 sec. (maybe less) before than the first rst "0x20M" appear, than I have pushed fast CTRL+Z and I have writed Z...so the motor goes off...but now it's very impossible to write any other commands!! So my HDD is dead Bye