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  1. guys, arie07's right, if the loop test works but not with the HDD... i think it means you need to GND the HDD with your device (eg: DKU-5), at least that's what happened in my case.
  2. Followed Avikos and its fixed thanks to all who have posted in the forum.. I read alost all ur posts.................................Has seagate released a firmware update for ST3500620AS yet.. will updatin to SD1A brick ma 500 GB again pls read my post #1010 (page 51)... maybe it's the same situation. Good luck!
  3. with all 3 attempts, did you check your device manager (in XP) to see if you've a working device? If not, try this... 1) Open your device manager page in XP and click on the 'Ports (COM and LTP)' 2) attach your RS232 to TTL, or either one of your CA-42. Does a new device show up as a new "Communication Port (COM#)", # being a number? (silly question: did you choose the same COM#, as the one shown in your Device Manager? If not, please do and try again.) If no new device shows up, then your device lacks the necessary hardware needed to do this. If yes, is there an exclaimation mark "!"? If "
  4. Yippy! Managed to unbricked my 7200.11; 1TB; ST31000340AS; 9QJ203CE; SD15. I followed the instruction of Gash (post #921) who sorta complied instructions/experience by Aviko, Gradius2 and others on this thread. <http://sites.google.com/site/seagatefix/> I used a CA-42 (s/no WT048000317) bought from Ebay which uses Arkmicro (usb\vid_6547&pid_0232). Drivers for this can be found here: <http://file4.uafile.com/~d/drv/Win98%20Me%202k%20XP/> No drivers for VISTA OS could be found online, so i had to find a comp with XP OS. <http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/New-USB-Data-Cable-Ca-42-for-No
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