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  1. Service Pack for Windows ME

    the same is true for me. I would love a german version. Because the SP makes ME really more stable and fixes lots of stuff I use now a english ME, for the SP alone.. As far as I can see the main problem is not only translation but hotfixes that are available only in US-English. Thanks to MDGX who has them all on his homepage. We need to know which of these fixes can be applied to non-US Windows without breaking things. Most "behind the scene" dlls, like the ACPI and IO-Subsystem would be ok I would guess. Troublesome is everything that has an effect to User applications like the RestoreUI and so. Unfortunately I don't own an english version of ME. I'm well aware some of these updates won't work on a non-english version of ME but I suppose that atleast some of the hotfixes, even though they may be english, will actually work on a non-english version. As I use a lot of english software on my dutch windows I wouldn't realy mind if a few minor portions of my OS are in english because of the english hotfixes, I don't think many dutch people still using ME would realy mind that. I've found the hard way it's becoming quite tedious to find these hotfixes nowdays. I do own the dutch version of the MS security cd which has some files for 9x Does anyone still have the french version of the SP and if so, could they please upload it somewhere? nvm, found it on the MDGx site btw, the dutch version of ME also comes on 2 disks
  2. Service Pack for Windows ME

    Hello all I've always felt sad no official sp for ME was ever made and am glad a few peeps here took the efford to create their own. Unfortunately I'm using a dutch version of ME. I've been reading on these forums for a couple of years now and am wondering if theres anything I could do to help create a dutch version of the service pack. Unfortunately the french version of the service pack seems to be unavailable or I could've compared the 2 versions and 'modded' a dutch version from the english version. I suppose a dutch version of this sp was never made or started?