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  1. Raid 1 Windows xp Pro

    OK,,, Thanks,,,, Hardware should be here tomorrow !, I'll give it a whirl
  2. Raid 1 Windows xp Pro

    I have a new server coming, dell poweredge r300 it has a SAS6ir Raid controller in it for Raid 1, and 2 matching 160 gb drives,,,,,,, will it work ok with Windows xp pro,,,,
  3. www.windowsclick.com

    Thanks for the help,,,,, I'll get the hang of this sooner or later ! The Rename thing was to trick it !,,,, everytime I tried to open up some kind of AV or test, it shut it down ! it also blocked the system restore.,,,, so I guess the renaming was a variable it could not handle and let the .exe go ahead and run. Kind of went in undercover so to speak !
  4. www.windowsclick.com

    Here I go what?,,,,,,, this place is kind of confusing,,,,, whats with the blue envelopes and different shades of blue? I figured it out, I had to click on your "here ya go",,, I tried that link and did not have the UACd.sys driver in my system,,,, I finially got it out by reading http://channelpro.capablenetworks.com/blog...ndowsclick.com/ and renaming the malwarebytes .exe file so it would not recognize it and then I could run the Malwarebytes program and it cleaned me up !,,,,, Whats with the "Moved" red arrow ?????
  5. Does anyone know how to get rid of the WWW.windowsclick.com redirector ????? We are running Windows XP Pro SP3 Thanks
  6. Microsoft Backup

    Yes,,,, I'm using XP on a network so I just had to change it a bit Documents and Settings> tomd> Local settings> Application Data> Microsoft> Windows NT> NT Backup> data Thanks again !
  7. Microsoft Backup

    Thank you, I could never figure that out !
  8. Hello,,, the past couple days I have been having a problem with my PC not being able to Remote Desktop to any of the servers !, also found out that when this happens the Unix machine can not FTP through the same pc,,,, it says Access denied. Here is a complet list: # ftp -i miller9 Connected to miller9. 220 Tun FTP Server. Name (miller9:root): partslist 230 partslist: Logged in. Remote system type is Type. ftp> binary 200 TYPE: Command successful. ftp> debug Debugging on (debug=1). ftp> mput PARTSLIST.CSV local: PARTSLIST.CSV remote: PARTSLIST.CSV ---> PORT 10,1,0,10,163,79 200 PORT: Command successful. ---> STOR PARTSLIST.CSV 553 PARTSLIST.CSV: Access denied. ftp> quit ---> QUIT 221 Goodbye. # This is a partial directory listing of the folder: -rw-rw-rw- 1 partslis ftp 446750 May 02 2007 PARSTLISTOLD.TXT -rw-rw-rw- 1 partslis ftp 8760 Mar 11 11:00 PARTSLIST.CSV -rw-rw-rw- 1 partslis ftp 470553 Mar 11 10:35 PARTSLIST.TXT This is the result of trying to manually delete the file: ftp> delete PARTSLIST.CSV 550 PARTSLIST.CSV: Access denied. ftp> After I reboot the Windows XP computer it returns to normal and everything works ! Does anyone have any ideas? thanks
  9. Microsoft Backup

    Does anyone know how to view and edit an existing Microsoft back up job ? I have a job that has been running every night for years, and want to edit the job without having to make a new one ! I am running Windows XP Pro and using Windows Microsoft Backup Thanks