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  1. Well, I'm stuck. Didn't advance an inch. I read pretty much everything in this topic and I don't know what is wrong. I connected the adapter to the PCB (with or without ground), connected the 3.3V cable from adapter to the red wire from power supply, tried with PCB completely or partial removed etc. but when I open Hyper Terminal and execute CTRL+z I don't see anything. Any idea what I am doing wrong? I have a 1TB drive with all my personal info on it (4 partitions) and I don't want to send it to Seagate.
  2. But if I switch PCB of a FW15 with my PCB FW81... it can work? I personally tried this and is not working. When I purchased the drive that has problems now, I got 4 of them. I tried to switch the PCB from another good one (same model, same firmware) and is not working. Actually the disc started to make some weird noises. pichi explained a couple of days ago that "Each PCB has a SN and configuration parameters for each HDDA." Maybe you are lucky, even if I don't think so. I wasn't...
  3. Another stupid question from me, sorry: what kind of wires (cables) should I use to make the connections? By the way, is there anybody who did all this procedure successfully and lives around Seattle, Washington?
  4. Anyone has any idea why replacing the PCB doesn't work in this case? I purchased 4 x 1TB drives and only one had problems (not recognized anywhere). While I am waiting for the connector I ordered I thought about this second option (replacing the PCB) but it seems that it doesn't work. The "good" PCB is from a disk with exactly the same model number and firmware.
  5. Gradius, First of all I want to thank you for everything you do in resolving this problem that turned to be a nightmare, at least for me. Long story-short, this morning after reboot one of my 1TB drives (6 months old) didn't "wake up" and you know why. Found your thread on msfn forum and kinda shed some light over this matter. I have a few really short questions for you before I go ahead and follow your instructions. 1. Your solution keeps the data on the disc intact, including partitions? I had 4 partitions on this disc and some of them contain vital/private information. That's why I don't want to send the disc to Seagate if I can fix it myself. I was on hold today with them for about 50 minutes and after 3 minutes of conversation all that the tech told me was just to update the firmware. Of course the disc is not found anywhere, so I can't do that. By the way, in your tutorial you mention this firmware update as being needed but I don't find its place in the procedure. 2. Which side of the disc (PCB) needs to be opened in order to add the power jumpers? The labeled one? Sorry for such a stupid question... If the seal is broken, the warranty is gone. Not that I care too much about it, as long as I can recover the data. 3. I don't see in your picture how you connected the power cables mentioned above. I wanna make sure I do it right, even if I don't have a lot of knowledge of computers like you do. If Gradius is not around (it seems that his inbox is full), maybe somebody else can help me. I would really appreciate it.