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    Powerpacker Useage instructions

    Actually no, I had no idea. Well I gues that totally stuffs my rollout! My boss would even pay for a few blank DVDs much less a program that does what Nlite does. Can it be purchased for use commercially? Whats the alternative?
  2. Hi all, Fantastic forums and software solutions. I am struggling here to try and learn how to use this to slipstream drivers onto a new cd image of Windows XP. My big problem is with the design of a base image of Windows XP Prof. with a VLK sliptreamed. I want to use NLITE to produce my base XP CD with slipstreamed SATA controller driver, and numerous hotfixes, tweaks etc. But I' horribly confused as I originally also used Powerpacker to incorporate the generic set of driverpacks for our HP machines. How I did this I have no idea - was 3 months ago. My reason for posting here was to try and locate the instructional guide for the use of Powerpacker. All I keep finding is the, incomplete, online manual that tells me very little about how to use the various features. The question is this, does such an all-in-one manual exist for Powerpacker? If it does I cannot locate it. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Also can someone tell me what do I do first - build an image using Nlite then powerpack the drivers or reverse? Thanks, signed; Horriblyconfused!