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  1. Hi, well I knew that Seagate had a problem,but I didn't know that I have it in my Dell XPS 420 ! And it died on Friday just 2 hours before monthly backup. My photos,videos, docs ,scans lost? I have model 500Gb ST3500620AS with firmware DE12 (made for Dell). Dell posted urgent update that doesnt work. So I try first with Seagate,but they send me to Dell. Dell said: - OK, no problem Sir.We are sending you new hard disk. I said that I need my data and dont care about stupid disk. They answer they are not responsable for my data that were lost because WELL KNOWN problem. So I got new hard disk (Samsung F1) and Dell is asking for old one. I said to UPS guy that I sent disk to Recovery service and dont have it now.I lied. But what to do. There is no way I will let this HD go with my data. I heard that Seagate can reset this HDs very easy (5 min job) so I would like to propose to all victims that we create one (huge)list and oblige Seagate together with his partners to do recover or reparation for free. And as a lesson to all HD makers to organize a petition to Consumer right organisations (everybody in his country) that Hd makers should do free recovery of data if HD fails because of their fault. I see Facebook as a good platform to spread this info and if you know other way just use them. I think everybody has enough of their non-sense (We are not responsable for your data but can recover for small some of 1500USD ). This will be good in 2 ways: 1. People will get recovered their data for free if not their fault (60% of case) 2. HD makers will pass more time to test their HD before send them to market. Now, show them the power of people united (just like on this forum) and the power of Internet ! PS: Thanks to Gradius2 for a resolution. I will command right away needed cables to do this. PS: from Switzerland with chocolate :-) and welcome to our Car Show