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  1. I am happy to report that my drive is fixed.....although I did NOT do it this way. I cheated. I have a touchSmart IQ506. I purchased, today, an IQ524 with a 500GB drive. Opened the bugger and found that the drive and firmware version (HP24) was the same. I took the new drive out and removed the IO board. I put the OLD IO board on the new drive. I then used the DOS based flash utility from HP, booted up from a floppy on another PC. Flashed the drive IO board to version HP13 and VOILA!!!!! all my data!!!!! Happy happy!!!! I should note here that I orinignally had tried to flash the old drive with the NEW IO board which did not work. My reasoning was that the drive heads had been parked in a position that when the new board was attached to the OLD drive, it saw the heads parked and didn't know what to do. However, since the old board was attached to a drive in which the heads weren't parked the flash was successful. New IQ524 going back to sore
  2. Sounds like the com port chipset is in the phone....
  3. Yup....just the cable won't work... I did however find that if you disconnect the board from the drive, leave the sata cable and power on, boot into dos with a floopy and use the flash utility from HP it will see the drive and try to flash it...it fails however and gives a timeout error and error on sping up/down.... bummer....btw the bios will see it and toss a smart error....dunno if anyone can take it any further....
  4. Man.....seagate and HP both suck. My drive on my Touchsmart pooched on friday. PC was hung in the AM, rebooted and no drive in the BIOS! So eventually I came to this post....I contacted seagate to get the data recovered and was told that the SN was not listed as one of the affected drives. After intellectually sparring with the creaton at seagate, he finally quasi-admitted that the OEM drives (sent to HP, Dell, etc..) were not listed/covered as they are sent blank (no firmware....supposedly) to them. I again advised that their "custom" firmware was based off of seagates PROPRIETARY code! and should therefore be covered....he basically said FU and contact HP. HP wants nothing to do with this....all they will do is RMA the drive....obviuosly I need the data..... So my question after reading all of these posts, is.....can I just lob off one end of an rs232 cable, connect the tx/rx pins up and power the drive with the PSU sata connector? I have a ton of rs232 cables oxidizing in my basement..... Secondly, I can go get another touchsmart at my local bestbuy with a 500GB drive...will changing the IO card, whether its same or new firmware, still get me a workable drive to grab the data from? 1299 is still cheaper than sending it out for data recovery and it can always be taken back thanks in advance!