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  1. I can only upload in ~12 hours time (it's Monday morning here) At the mean time, i'll wait for other languages request and i'll upload them together. Thnx in advance... will wait for the dutch version. Already happy that you wanna make other languages available.
  2. USER "cybpsych" Please, nl_NL ( Dutch Language ) Thanks!!! Missing it in the languages youve already posted.
  3. Bad to hear you lost work. Tested it with the missing files.. But still don't get it working. Hope you can find the problem.
  4. first.. thnx for making Nero Lite. When opening CoverDesigner getting the following message.. Error with opening \Nero 9\NeroCoverDesigner\def.dat Tested with Vista Ultimate X64 XP Pro SP3 (Nero Lite 2.3) Can you fix the bug that i found in next version. Thnx in advance

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