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  1. The same error and with the board unscrew Maybe the problems was two the same time bsy and a bad head! double failure
  2. Yes I use paper as isolation but now i will try again with the board unscrew
  3. Your hdd and PCB are good.LED CE error is because you do Ctrl+z very quick. You power on the PCB and wait 20 seconds, after this, you put Ctrl+z, /1, etc You can try it any some times. Normally this procedure works. OK If i wait 20 sec spin down ok but there is another problem F3 2>Z Spin Down Complete Elapsed Time 0.159 msecs F3 2>U Error 1009 DETSEC 00006008 Spin Error Elapsed Time 27.284 secs R/W Status 2 R/W Error 84150180
  4. MY DRIVE after After C>Q gives: Led 000000CE FAddr 0028E24b and after Ctrl+z LED 000000CE FAdr00280569 No command no spin down Is it dead? If i buy another one the same and put the new pcb on?
  5. For find the solution:FIRST: How has it ocurred? Can you write your first procedure? Have you unconnected the PCB completly or only use papers on heads and/or on motor contacts? You can see all commands of your 7200.11 disc with this: Ctrl+z F3 T>/C F3 C>Q (List all commands of your hdd) After C>Q Led 000000CE FAddr 0028E24b
  6. This is exactly what happened to me when I tried, then I used a level 3 spin down command instead: F3 T>/3 F3 3>Z with F3 T>/3 F3 3>Z again LED 000000CE FAdr00280569 LED 000000CE FAdr00280569 something else to try?
  7. A 500 g is back to life . But i have another one seagate 1 T and have problems to make to work when the drive power on make a noise and after about 20 sec stop F3 T/2 F3 2>Z IT GIVES : LED 000000CE FAdr00280569 LED 000000CE FAdr00280569 the same gives and with pcb alone When i gave the U ERROR 1009 DETSEC0006008 SPIN ERROR ........
  8. First a BIG thanks for your instructions I have 3 seagate 7200.11 two ST3500032AS and one ST31000340AS. With the instruction in this perfect forum the two 500 are working again after sata lock BUT the big one no . It makes a knocking sound when starts soin and when press ctrl +z gives F3 T> and no error like Faddr0024A051 like the others. when i gave F3 2>U I take this: Error 1009 DETSEC0006008 spinerror Elapsed time 25.207 R/w status 2 R?W error 84150180 As a note all my drives lost after put vista in sleep mode !