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  1. At least this time Microsoft is innocent. The problem is caused by Seagate and mainly by the very poor way they managed it. There are two good news : 1) the procedure to unbrick the thingy is relatively easy and all your data is there and can be recovered. 2) You are very lucky that Microsoft did NOT implement such a thing in Windows Update, running a firmware update from Windows on a live system is another name for "destroying hard drive or hard drive data" The procedures have been tested and re-tested by hundred or maybe thousands of users by now, and all of them managed to recover their data. jaclaz Hi jaclaz If Microsoft ain't guilty so we have to point our fingers to Xeno! Anyway, I read almost every article about this subject & tried almost every possible solution, yet I got only "Detected 0 Devices" error. Then I gave up and took my HDD to their Iran Agent [Etemad Sazgar Co.] and although they were as busy as bee, they respected me gently and acted so nice, they updated its firmware in a minute and everything is safe and sound. Now I feel so relieved! Rock On! \m/ MeHRaN
  2. Well, apparently I'm very first person from Iran that having this problem and I'm not proud of it. SN/ 9QM72D43 ST3500320AS P/N: 9BX154~303 Firmware: SD15 Date Code: 09155 WWN: 5000C5001069877C It worked about 5 or 6 months for me and there's a very annoying thing in my head. Microsoft should have known about this problem, so why the firmware upgrade isn't in Windows Update? I'm really p***ed off now, I've downloaded bit by bit with 256k / collecting my favorite things from rapidshare, depositfiles, ... and P2P programs, I can't describe how I worked my fingers to the bones, now they're all gone. No, A new Disk Drive can't be of help for me. Someone should sue them
  3. Thank you for your priceless help but I overwhelmed the program differently. God (if exists) bless you
  4. No, the installer is not password protected. You need to provide a name and serial number or a path to a valid license file (*.bof) to install the product. Thanks for your answer, but I see, but I have nothing, so it can't be extracted so I can grab the bgl file inside? For help, because it's a special edition the keys are also different from the rest. So can anyone help me?
  5. Hi everyone Recently I've got a weird problem that I believe it's because the file is password protected. When I want to extract this file http://www.babylon.com/files/premium/gable...aftslexikon.exe in order to grab the bgl file inside of it (so I would be able to use it in version 7 of babylon) the setup wants a serial or a license file which is not available over the net. UE extracts the file with no error but what comes of a 40mb setup file is 3mb of broken files. What makes it strange is that with other setup files like nVidia driver it gives 3 different options about Installershield files but here nothing at all. I've tried it with Vista SP1 & XP SP3 Please help me thanks in advance and also for your magnificent software

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