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  1. Royally Peed Off.... I have followed this topic from the outset... before the "solution" was posted, in fact. A brief search into the problem seemed to put it squarely in the: 0 LBA error problem area. 1. It seemed simple enough, so I purchased a 'RS232 to TTL adapter'(£8) and a prolific USB-2-COM Cable(£11) from ebay (My machine has no COM Ports). Following the directions given I could not achieve any kind of connection. I posted my wiring diagram, and was assured that I'd set it up ok. Maybe the RS232 to TTL adapter/Prolific COM Port was faulty? 2. After testing the Prolific USB-2-Com port cable and getting no result from the RX/TX crossover I made, I decided to go down the 'easier' route of using a CA-42 Nokia Data Cable. 3. I purchased the CA-42 Nokia cable from ebay. Price: £6 inc. Postage. Result: Nothing, same total lack of response as in 1. 4. I was informed that maybe the drivers for the nokia cable purchased on ebay were incorrect( it might be a cheap, 'knock'off') - So, I bit the bullet, went to the local nokia store and bought a 'genuine' nokia cable(£33.60). Result: Nothing, same total lack of response as in 1 & 3 So, having paid out about £60 so far in bits and pieces - spent at least 7 solid hours trying to connect to the b*stard drive I am now in the same position as when I started... baffled, peed off and frustrated. Can anyone - and I mean anyone - suggest a simple, quick and easy method of connecting to my drive? [PS. If anyone living in the UK - Surrey, Sussex area - as managed follow this, can you lend a hand?]
  2. It is quite a puzzle. I did try testing out something though. Figuring that the cable might need some kind of power to 'activate' it in windows (I seem to remember someone saying that some nokia cables are self powered by the USB, and some are not). From the phone connection end I disconnected the TX and RX wires, and soldered them onto the CD-ROM audio cable ends (To go into the HDD). Everything else I left connected up to the plug-end plug. I then plugged the phone it. The phone recognises it's been plugged into a data cable - but (of course, because both TX and RX wires are not connected), nothing comes up in Windows. I then plugged the TX and RX wires into the HDD. And turned it on. Unfortunately, Windows came with with 'USB device not recognised'. This went away when disconnecting the HDD. Back to the drawing board. When I tried to manually install the drivers - I got a windows message saying that the 'drivers had not be registered' - perhaps the Nokia Suite dynamically registereds the drivers and un-registereds them when not in use. I'm gonna try a program that I have which captures changes to the system state (drivers, programs, registry entries etc) first when a nokia phone is attached and then when just the cable is attached. I'll let ya know the results. PS. This would be a lot easier if one of the people who' managed to do this using the CA-42 would respond.
  3. I've got exactly the same problem as Shooman... it's a genuine Nokia CA-42 cable (Purchased from Nokia @ £30). I couldn't install the drivers without a nokia phone and as soon as I remove the phone the COM port disappears... so I'm a little baffled as to how the other members on this forum who used the CA-42 cable managed to get round this. Did they use an older driver, maybe? One that gets registered without the Nokia Suite being installed, and if so can I get a copy of said driver?
  4. If you haven't a new COM or USB device you can have a problem.Check your USB ports, refresh device manager, etc There are fake cables and you can have one. You connect a Nokia phone, but it will use D+ and D- lines, not RX and TX. http://pinouts.ru/CellularPhones-Nokia/nok...op_pinout.shtml Good: http://pinouts.ru/CellularPhonesCables/nok...le_pinout.shtml Bad: http://pinouts.ru/CellularPhonesCables/nok...le_pinout.shtml Tested the pinouts of the cable - I'm not receiving any kind of voltage, so I guess that rules out it being a straight USB cable. I cannot, of course, test RX/TX because of the driver problem... but it may just be that the cable is fake cr*p. Beau Locks!
  5. Hi, I purchased a ca-42 cable from ebay - it came with drivers but I cannot seem to access it. No sign of it in Device Manager when I plug it into the USB - do I have to connect a Nokia phone to it in order for it to be recognised?