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  1. My problem was Desktop was in different \Bags subfolders so, I just added this to a bat file: -------- @CLS @for /f "tokens=1" %%a in ('@REG Query HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags\ /s /F "Desktop"') do @(@Reg Add %%a /v FFlags /t REG_DWORD /d 1075839525 /f) Exit --------- (1075839525=40200225) See my other post for calculating this value. or https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/bb762508(v=vs.85).aspx
  2. For a more complete list check out what Microsoft has this to say on the subject: FOLDERFLAGS enumeration A set of flags that specify folder view options. The flags are independent of each other and can be used in any combination. Syntax ____ |C++ |_______________________________________________________________________________ typedef enum FOLDERFLAGS { FWF_NONE = 0x00000000, FWF_AUTOARRANGE = 0x00000001, FWF_ABBREVIATEDNAMES = 0x00000002, FWF_SNAPTOGRID = 0x00000004, FWF_OWNERDATA = 0x00000008, FWF_BESTFITWINDOW = 0x00000010, FWF_DESKTOP = 0x00000020, FWF_SINGLESEL = 0x00000040, FWF_NOSUBFOLDERS = 0x00000080, FWF_TRANSPARENT = 0x00000100, FWF_NOCLIENTEDGE = 0x00000200, FWF_NOSCROLL = 0x00000400, FWF_ALIGNLEFT = 0x00000800, FWF_NOICONS = 0x00001000, FWF_SHOWSELALWAYS = 0x00002000, FWF_NOVISIBLE = 0x00004000, FWF_SINGLECLICKACTIVATE = 0x00008000, FWF_NOWEBVIEW = 0x00010000, FWF_HIDEFILENAMES = 0x00020000, FWF_CHECKSELECT = 0x00040000, FWF_NOENUMREFRESH = 0x00080000, FWF_NOGROUPING = 0x00100000, FWF_FULLROWSELECT = 0x00200000, FWF_NOFILTERS = 0x00400000, FWF_NOCOLUMNHEADER = 0x00800000, FWF_NOHEADERINALLVIEWS = 0x01000000, FWF_EXTENDEDTILES = 0x02000000, FWF_TRICHECKSELECT = 0x04000000, FWF_AUTOCHECKSELECT = 0x08000000, FWF_NOBROWSERVIEWSTATE = 0x10000000, FWF_SUBSETGROUPS = 0x20000000, FWF_USESEARCHFOLDER = 0x40000000, FWF_ALLOWRTLREADING = 0x80000000 } FOLDERFLAGS; _______________________________________________________________________________ Constants FWF_NONE 0x00000000. Windows 7 and later. No special view options. FWF_AUTOARRANGE 0x00000001. Automatically arrange the elements in the view. This implies LVS_AUTOARRANGE if the list-view control is used to implement the view. FWF_ABBREVIATEDNAMES 0x00000002. Not supported. FWF_SNAPTOGRID 0x00000004. Not supported. FWF_OWNERDATA 0x00000008. Not supported. FWF_BESTFITWINDOW 0x00000010. Not supported. FWF_DESKTOP 0x00000020. Make the folder behave like the desktop. This value applies only to the desktop and is not used for typical Shell folders. This flag implies FWF_NOCLIENTEDGE and FWF_NOSCROLL. FWF_SINGLESEL 0x00000040. Do not allow more than a single item to be selected. This is used in the common dialog boxes. FWF_NOSUBFOLDERS 0x00000080. Do not show subfolders. FWF_TRANSPARENT 0x00000100. Draw transparently. This is used only for the desktop. FWF_NOCLIENTEDGE 0x00000200. Not supported. FWF_NOSCROLL 0x00000400. Do not add scroll bars. This is used only for the desktop. FWF_ALIGNLEFT 0x00000800. The view should be left-aligned. This implies LVS_ALIGNLEFT if the list-view control is used to implement the view. FWF_NOICONS 0x00001000. The view should not display icons. FWF_SHOWSELALWAYS 0x00002000. This flag is deprecated as of Windows XP and has no effect. Always show the selection. FWF_NOVISIBLE 0x00004000. Not supported. FWF_SINGLECLICKACTIVATE 0x00008000. Not supported. FWF_NOWEBVIEW 0x00010000. The view should not be shown as a web view. FWF_HIDEFILENAMES 0x00020000. The view should not display file names. FWF_CHECKSELECT 0x00040000. Turns on the check mode for the view. FWF_NOENUMREFRESH 0x00080000. Windows Vista and later. Do not re-enumerate the view (or drop the current contents of the view) when the view is refreshed. FWF_NOGROUPING 0x00100000. Windows Vista and later. Do not allow grouping in the view FWF_FULLROWSELECT 0x00200000. Windows Vista and later. When an item is selected, the item and all its sub-items are highlighted. FWF_NOFILTERS 0x00400000. Windows Vista and later. Do not display filters in the view. FWF_NOCOLUMNHEADER 0x00800000. Windows Vista and later. Do not display a column header in the view in any view mode. FWF_NOHEADERINALLVIEWS 0x01000000. Windows Vista and later. Only show the column header in details view mode. FWF_EXTENDEDTILES 0x02000000. Windows Vista and later. When the view is in "tile view mode" the layout of a single item should be extended to the width of the view. FWF_TRICHECKSELECT 0x04000000. Windows Vista and later. Not supported. FWF_AUTOCHECKSELECT 0x08000000. Windows Vista and later. Items can be selected using checkboxes. FWF_NOBROWSERVIEWSTATE 0x10000000. Windows Vista and later. The view should not save view state in the browser. FWF_SUBSETGROUPS 0x20000000. Windows Vista and later. The view should list the number of items displayed in each group. To be used with IFolderView2::SetGroupSubsetCount. FWF_USESEARCHFOLDER 0x40000000. Windows Vista and later. Use the search folder for stacking and searching. FWF_ALLOWRTLREADING (int)0x80000000. Windows Vista and later. Ensure right-to-left reading layout in a right-to-left system. Without this flag, the view displays strings from left-to-right both on systems set to left-to-right and right-to-left reading layout, which ensures that file names display correctly. Requirements Minimum supported client: Windows XP, Windows 7 [desktop apps only] Minimum supported server: Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only] Header: Shobjidl.h IDL: Shobjidl.idl -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Source:https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/bb762508(v=vs.85).aspx
  3. I ended up using the netsh command to add firewall exceptions. Here is my exceptions.cmd file to add firewall exceptions for ZenWorks Remote Control and then Novell Distributed Print Services cls if EXIST %SystemDrive%\Novell\ZENRC\wuser32.exe netsh firewall add allowedprogram PROGRAM="%SystemDrive%\Novell\ZENRC\wuser32.exe" NAME="Remote Management" MODE=ENABLE PROFILE=ALL if EXIST %windir%\System32\dpmw32.exe netsh firewall add allowedprogram PROGRAM="%windir%\System32\dpmw32.exe" NAME=NDPS MODE=ENABLE PROFILE=ALL exit
  4. I tried: AllowedPrograms=WindowsFirewall.program1,WindowsFirewall.program2 comma without spaces and that did NOT work for me.
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