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  1. a big thanks to everybody here for their help,ive managed to bring my 500gb back to life:) Time to buy a backup drive and backup everything and look at getting this one RMA'd, my faith in Seagate HDD has well vanished:(
  2. well ive managed to get my drive to pick up in hyper terminal,run through all the steps but after inputting the last step (m0,......... etc) it just hangs at the console. with a blinking cursor and I cant type anything either. Any ideas?
  3. Hey guys! Ive managed to get hold of a multimeter and I have managed to find 3 wires that give readings. One is 2.3v and the other is 1.6. The third is the GND as its the only wire that gets a response from the other two. Any suggestions?
  4. Ahh it has 5 wires in total -> Yellow,white,blue,red and black Ahh the main black chip on the IC is an AMTEL variant of some sorts. I should have brough it in to work with me today...kinda forgot:)
  5. Hi guys, Here is a pic of the PCB. I have done a search for the model PCB on the IC but i cannot find anything. Again its a genuine nokia CA-42 cable.
  6. Hey guys! Ive started on the road to recovering my hdd today, I found an old CA-42 cable at work but im having a hard time getting any response out of hyperterminal. It is an original Nokia data cable and on the PCB there are no descriptions next to the solder points. Ive tryed to hunt down a diagram for the pcb but no luck...so i have no idea which pin goes where. What ways can I tell if I have found the GND and RX and TX wires like i need? Many thanks!