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  1. Yes, 3V is more than enough. If you change to 5V you will see no difference. Your problem is different, it seems like something else. It might be related to mechanical part or some important data (on service area) was lost. Gradius Yeh, that's what I'm afraid of. Anyone know any more about this? Thanks, Chris
  2. Yep, I've listened and put my hand on it when it's spinning up. It takes a few seconds spinning up, then there are those couple of quiet clunks (when the heads engage I believe) and then there's the Spin Up Complete Elapsed Time 9.046 secs F3 2> message in Hyperterminal. It usually takes about 9 seconds on my drive for spin up to complete. Chris An update: A PM brought to mind the idea of - is my RS232 to TTL getting enough power at 3 volts? Well, it's the SchmartBoard module "Populated RS-232 SchmartModule" which says it wants 5 volts to run, but seems to be communicating fine with the HDD at 3 volts. Okay, but I should try 5 volts, right? Tried that too, and got the same "Unknown Diag Cmd Failure 12CC4" when I tried the "N1" command.
  3. Oh, I wish that were the case, but no. I used the method of unscrewing only several of the PCB screws and putting a card in place between the contacts and the PCB, and then I pull the card after spinning down with F3 2>Z (enter) Spin Down Complete Elapsed Time 0.147 msecs F3 2> and when the card is out, then I put the screws back in place to make sure I have good contact between the PCB and the headers. I actually use two cards - one for the motor traces and one for the header that is hidden under the circuit board entirely. And I've tried doing the card(s) standoff all the ways - motor only, heads only, both together - always the same result. And indeed, I don't power off either the RS232-to-TTL (3 volts with two D cells) or the drive itself (powered by a SATA power cable) while I'm reconnecting. After the spinup, done with the "U" command at the "F3 2>" prompt, everything is as I said before. The other command set that came up no good was trying to list all the commands available to the drive. I don't remember where I saw that in this topic, but it was something like "/Q" from the "F3 T>" prompt. Or maybe "/C", I don't remember. Anyway, I DID do it as the post said, and I got the same "Unknown Diag Cmd Failure 12CC4" response. In case you're thinking it could be shaky contacts that I'm jiggling when doing the PCB re-attach, I'm using jumpers going from the HDD pins to the pins on the RS232-TTL converter, and they're solidly connected. Also I've tried it about 6 times with always the same result. Thanks for the idea, I'll try again when I get home in a few hours....but...any other ideas? Thanks, Chris
  4. Oooog. I've read (I think) all of the pages, and I haven't found my problem. My drive is a Seagate 1tb ST31000340AS, I don't know what the firmware is. I bought it in September or October. It's BSY, and bricked, for about a week now. I hooked up my RS232 to TTL, disconnected the drive's PCB, powered up the drive with a SATA power cable, hooked up two D cells for 3 volts to the converter, attached the ground wire. Hyperterminal talked to the drive fine. I spun the drive down, reconnected the PCB and typed: F3 2>U and the drive spun back up, so far so good. Here's what happens next: ____________________________ Spin Up Complete Elapsed Time 7.093 secs F3 2> (I type /1 and enter) F3 1> (I type N1 and enter) Unknown Diag Cmd Failure 12CC4 F3 1> ____________________________ I've tried several times, powering down and starting from scratch. I tried going ahead and typing in the F3 1>/ F3 T>m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 set of commands but the drive never came back online (to Hyperterminal) after that, and when I tried to use it in the PC it was still unrecognized by the BIOS. Any ideas? Thanks ps. thanks to all of you who've done so much work and helped so many people, it's appreciated.