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  1. Hello diddlyd, I have 1 TB ST31000340AS P/N 9BX158 on my table (apart two 750s affected by the BSY error I mentioned above:-) and a few days ago this hdd suddendly stopped to boot Windows and it started to report size = 0. I didn't have time to analyze the problem in depth, but -- in accordance to some post on Seagate's forum -- I tried the very common Seatools for DOS program which has an option "set drive capacity to maximum" (or something like this, I don't remember the exact wording) and after that the hdd -- to my big surprise -- started to boot Windows again as usual. The disk size displ
  2. Hyperterminal was innconet this time I think, the controller card (Kouwell 222NE BTW:-) was really half-dead and it cheated both Hyperterminal and me for two days... I work in IT for fifteen years and I've met many incredible faults during all these years, but this one was unique... Have a nice weekend. HappyBear
  3. For EddyDel5 & Claudius84 (who tried to help me yesterday): My problem was quite simple at the end: Wrong serial ports controller in PC -- both ports could receive data, but didn't send anything out... I replaced the controller and both disk were alive again within five minutes -- many thanks to Gradius (& others) who found out the process and posted it here... HappyBear (more happy than ususal at the moment:-)
  4. Claudius84, you've hit the nail on the head and you've moved me one step forward, thanks a lot. The messy bytes that surrounded the error message (LED:000000CC FAddr:0024A051) in the BSY state (the PCB connected to the HDA) have disappeared, BUT... ...when I disconnect the PCB from the HDA (either by inserting a business card and/or by removing the PCB) I still can't enter the terminal and get the "F3 T>" prompt. :-( When exactly shall I press CTRL+Z? Or what could cause that keys/commands aren't sent to the HDD? Did I miss some special Hyperterminal setting? Any idea? Thx.
  5. Eddy, thanks for your effort, but -- as I wrote in my post -- I get some output from the drive (but only in the BSY state and maybe a bit strange), so I suppose the wires are OK as like as the TTL board communicates with Windows. I spent several hours on this problem yesterday and I also tried to swap TX/RX wires but I get really no response if I do that so I belive the problem must be elsewhere -- I only can't find our where is it... :-(( Has anyone any other idea please? See the original post #787 for details... Thanks a lot. HappyBear
  6. Good afternoon, I have two ST3750330AS affected by the BSY error on my table so I tried to resucitate them according to directions posted here, BUT... ... i/ if I connect the drive to PC (via RS323toTTL board etc.) with the PCB _connected_ to the HDA (= norma state of HDD), I got in HyperTerminal something like this: ¯ïíïííííïímïíïíïïí­ïí¯ï­íïíïíï¯í¯íííí¯ííïïíííïííïíïïíýïïí­íï­­ííïíííííïííïíïïïíí ííííïííïíííïïí­íïïïíííïïïíïíïííííïïïïïïï¯íýíïíííííííý­ïï¯ýïïïíïïmÿ¯ïíý¯ïïï­ííïí LED:000000CC FAddr:0024A051íí­ííïííí LED:000000CC FAddr:0024A051íí­­íííí­­íí­íïïïïïí­ííýïïíïííííïííííïííï¯íïýïííÿ¯¯¯í
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