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  1. Good to know. I vlited a version but I think I may have removed too much. I found a link for ASUS EEEpc owners about getting it down to the 3 gig range, but I am trying to maintain tablet functionality. You don't happen to have it listed anywhere what you used for your vlite settings did you? Don't go out of your way to write it, just wanted to see if you happened to go off of someone else, post it up, or just go on the fly. I went ahead and got a faster secondary drive, so now I'm looking at 32GB slow storage, 16GB, but only at 35 MB/S, and then 8GB at 45MB/S. I can probably unload Win7 on the 16G if need be, but I'll try to 8G since you were successful with it, and then I may throw office and other software on the 16G. Either way, the 16G should be about the speed of my original 4200 rpm drive (a bit faster), so certainly decent performance, but the 8GB will be faster than a typical 7200 seen in mobile computing, and the vlited size of a more efficient OS should help me see considerably speed improvements. ( I know there are much faster HDs - but mind you the x41 came with a 4200rpm 1.8" with a 29.7 MB/S transfer rate and a 15ms seek time - The x41 will still be a dog, but I'm just looking for a solid mobile road warrier that can supplement my other computers. Had a EEEPC but it didn't quite fit the bill, so I'm essentially using the X41 as a UMPC with tablet function) Thanks for the help!
  2. It says 15 GB on the beta install instructions, but I only have a 8GB primary drive, 64 GB secondary (not fast enough for an OS other than Linux) From reading around I've heard people have said it's about half the size of Vista, but vista is 15GB too on paper. Whats the actual install size peopler are seeing?
  3. I have an 8 GB SSD primary, with 64 GB additional storage, but it's too slow for an OS. Can I run Vista business on an 8GB drive if I don't store any other programs/files in that drive? I know the quick answer is "just run XP", but I have an extra Vista w/license, and even though I have XP with license, I don't have th xp tablet disk (although I do have a key) and this is for an X41 tablet. Vista business has tablet functions, so I'd prefer not to have to either buy a new drive or buy a new OS. I've been trying to work with Vlite but its a PITA, so I was kind of hoping I could just put the full version of vista in.
  4. I am wondering if it has something to do with the WAIK install. When I clicked "install" in v-lite, it had an error window pop up, but then let me into Vlite. Now when I open v-lite it opens up like normal, but says it can't find vista files on my vista CD. I'm trying to figure out what the problem could be. Is there any chance that the WAIK install has anything to do with it? I can delete V-lite, reinstall WAIK from Windows, and then reinstall V-lite and try to reinstall it's WAIK function. I thought the WAIK only had to do with exporting V-Lite and not importing, but I guess I'm doubting that assumption now.

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