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  1. I had asked the same question to another member here. With his suggestion I have modified a spare mother board cable's head by using a knife to fit to the Drive's pins; and then join the nokia cable wires to its wires. I have seen a few pictures in this forum where people used soldering or a simple tape. But I guess jumper cables would be the easiest thing.
  2. Hello mate, im from Cardiff and I fixed mine using a Nokia 3210 data cable bought from ebay for about £3 delivered this is going to be cheaper than posting your drive to someone and them then posting it back to you. If you would like to give it a go yourself feel free to pm me any questions you have. If you are not sure about doing it yourself I would be willing to do it if you post your drive to me but tbh would only do this if no one closer to you can fix it for you as I no how unreliable royal mail are. PM me if you like YAAAYY!! I am also managed to revive my drive! I thank you everybody in this forum who made an effort to help others like me to save their drives. There were a lot of usefel info here (Although some useful parts are scattered into 39 pages now) I was sure that I had lost my drive; but now i am using the same drive to write this message! I spent all they yesterday for reading this forum and of course searching the net for necessary parts and I managed to buy a DKU-5 nokia data cable (£10) this morning form a mobile phone unlocker (I know I am lucky to find this from a guy 2 mins near my flat and his actual business is dry cleaning - ebay has alot of these cables but I just didnt want to wait for another day) and it came with its CD as well. At first I wasn't able to install the necessary driver for the cable but then I realized laptop doesn't have the XP Sp3. After installing the Xp Sp3, OS managed to find the driver files from the CD and recognized the data cable on COM9. I also got a T6 torx bit from a maplin shop and the rest was just easy; just followed Gradius2's guide with a few trial If you have the same problem and you are just starting to fix this, I strongley suggest that you use one of DKU-5 / CA-42 / CA-45 nokia data cables; it seemed to me an easier way. Please note that Gradius2's guide requires different componenets which I found more difficult to gather and set up but you may have already necessary parts in your home though; so just read different ways and decide which one is best for you. Of course a special thanks goes to bp2411 who answered my several questions promptley last night and helped me to do this in a short time
  3. Hi all, I am another victim of this firmware issue! It seems getting all the parts and trying to unlock the drive will be too much effort and frustration for me. Is there anyone who will help me to unlock my drive? If you live in London; I can happily drive to your home; if you dont then I can post my drive to you. I mean instead of everyone trying to get all the parts and fix this by themselves; we can help each other here. Of course I will pay to anyone who is willing to do this for me since I wont be paying for any parts or spending my time for it. I probably dont have any important data in the drive since I got a few backups in the past or it wont be that much important to loose them. I just want to save the drive and the time I will be spending to install all those programs again. So dont be afraid to take risk here; I wont blame you if anything goes wrong with my drive.